”The word and the world -unfurled ”

Life has amazing ways of guiding us to do things…A few days back, i wouldn’t have imagined myself having my own blog or even thinking of starting one.But it all started a few days back,when i posted a poem of mine on facebook and a cousin of mine appreciating my work ,asked me if i blogged..’.BLOGGING’ !!! I have heard of it but never really given a serious thought about beginning one of my own.I am a travel person,and am married to a man who shares my passion for travelling,reading and writing too.In fact ,it  was my love to communicate,that got me into the teaching profession,where the more you express,verbally and through gestures,the closer you get to your students .But right now, acting the part of a fulltime mommy to my 3 and a half year old daughter,has made me take a break from teaching,atleast temporarily !!! I love being a mother and am thoroughly enjoying this period,watching the antics of my little one but now that she has begun school,i see this as a perfect time to give vent to my passion for writing and sharing my views on other things in life – travel and places,mommyhood experiences,movies,books and a lot more !!! ”Penlightenment” i felt ,would describe my blog,perfectly….the pen ,becoming the source of change – a change of perception,attitudes and mindset, wisening us and revolutionising our lives….

. ”As i sit on my chair,my thoughts wandering…;

The mind- a kaleidoscope of ideas and musings… ‘Penlightenment’ of the mind,heart and soul;

The ink flows on paper,into writings bold..

Then suddenly,the images ,whirled ;

oh …there it is!! the WORD and the WORLD,unfurled….



15 thoughts on “”The word and the world -unfurled ”

    • Thank you so much vidhya for sparing sometime to go through my blog…this was my first post….I am 21 posts old now…I know its just a drop in the ocean…but if I have avid readers like you , I will stay motivated:)


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