Oh my soldier I know….;

before I married you…

never did you stoop so low;

as to keep me in the dark…

about the nature of the trade ;

you had chosen to embark…

And oh my soldier i know…

you let me know you desired;

not an ornamental wife…

but one who wouldn’t get tired;

of your life of struggle and strife ….

You assured me ,

you weren’t looking for;

a vermilion smeared head …

or hands that served tea ;

early morning in your bed…..

But you did,for sure,inform me,

whom you were looking for…

a brave yet simple lady ;

who could ‘weather any storm’ …. soldier I know ;

you said ,life isn’t going to be a soft bed of roses…

on which to lie and doze;

it will have its share of hardships…

separation from spouse or long distant trips !!!

 Now that I am wedded to you ,my soldier;

and have entered this life…

I shall try even harder ;

and prove to be a good wife…

But my soldier, I wonder why ;

you hid from me ,the perks, of being a soldiers wife….

oh my soldier,I wonder why…

you didn’t tell me about the exciting social life..?? 

Perhaps you wanted me to ..

on my own discover;

the warm and tender evenings…

that we would spend together.

Though you warned me about the ‘separation’…

you forgot  to tell me I think ;

of the excitement and jubilation…

at every new meeting…

You forgot I think to mention ;

all the fun things we would do….

of the places we would travel ;

and the friends we would make too….

You also neglected to tell me;

the things i would learn….

about fashion and housekeeping ;

and the opportunities i will earn….

So,my soldier you know…

it is not a bad bargain,after all ;

While i get ,so much more to learn…

and give so little in return.


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