I was once at a restaurant ;

a famous one in town ;

and there I saw an old man

whose face was held in a frown…


He was sitting in a corner;

his eyes fixed on the menu book..

I thought him to be a loner;

and gave him a rather wary look !


Just then a toddler running by;

tripped and fell down on the floor…

our old man didn’t even try;

to pick him up or hold the door….


I seethed with anger at the man;

and cursed him loud enough..

The old man heard and looked at me ;

and then he began to laugh…


He pointed quickly to his side ;

and my eyes followed his gaze…

A pair of crutches ,met my eyes;

and left me a little dazed…


Walking swiftly to our man;

I told him I was sorry

His face now cheerful and calm…

he told me not to worry !


But once I sat back on my chair;

I saw the gentleman leave…

Limping upto the waiter ;

he left him a very neat tip….


I realized then, how wrong ;

my opinion of him had been…

Since that day, I wait for long..

before judging a human being…..


  1. nice one !! it happens with me most of the times..d people who r my great friends today
    r d ones whom i never liked in the first place…for various reason..n vice versa….but now am learning to take time to know people …rather then judging someone …i prefer to hold a neutral opinion for some time !! 😉

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