Do I look good..???

”Do I look good..??”…how many of us have asked this question,ever so often, to our best friend or a sibling or to our most tortured ( only mentally;) ) better halves…???

Well I have certainly used these exact words ,innumerable times and  they have become so much a part of the LEXICON of our lives….Be it the way we the dress , what we wear, the way we do our hair,the shade of our lipstick or even the food we cook, a SECOND OPINION is  a must.

It is offcourse good to take advice on things we aren’t so well versed with but sometimes I think we do stretch it a bit too far !!!

While going out to a social evening ,at times, I get a little confused about my dress…When the doubt becomes too much for me to ignore ,  I ask my husband if I look good  , not realizing the herculean task I have actually entrusted him with  . Now, if he says YES , I will complain that he has not  been looking at me carefully enough   or  that, he is trying to flatter me  !!! and if he says a NO, it hurts my  ‘ vanity’ ( ‘vanity’ thy name is woman…??? ) , and I shoot at him a volley of questions as to why he thought so, and what was it about the dress that didn’t suit me… and so on, ….sometimes making immature conclusions about our relationship as a whole !!! (my poor husband, obviously regretting the decision to be ‘honest’  with his opinions !!! )

On some others occasions, when it comes to making a choice between two varieties/shades  of the same product , in most cases, we  subconsciously make the choice in our minds, and while asking for a SECOND OPINION ,all we want is a reassurance that our choice is the best..But then , some simple souls fail to understand these complexities of a woman’s mind…..,so when asked to help us make the choice , these naive creatures take on the task ,rather too seriously ( unable to read between the lines !!! ) and in all probability, end up choosing ,what we we rejected, (in our minds ,that is !!! )  The damage  now done ,they need to gear themselves up for the ensuing interrogation!!!

Everyone has to right to have his own perception of things…what is beautiful to one,maybe grotesque to another…’beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’….so while ,all of us have the right to seek a second opinion on things we aren’t masters at ,sometimes it is good to refrain from doing so ,especially when you already have strong views on the concerned topic…

My advice would be to take a second opinion only if you are prepared for some criticism (at least constructive ! ) and don’t mind changing your ways,views or wears (as in clothes) to suit the ‘SECOND OPINION’..!!!

If you aren’t ,  you should rather stop wasting his /her precious time and yours too  and go with your instincts…( psssttt….: let me tell you a secret….nothing works better than your  gut instinct !!! )…

Take care all…:)


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