I felt knackered . As I sat in the bus ,on my way back from school , I longed to be home. ”I need a vacation!” , I thought to myself and my mind started overflowing with images of some faraway islands….beautiful landscapes  and calm blue skies…With these thoughts I slowly drifted to sleep.. ..The bus screeched to a halt and I  woke up with a jolt. ..” that was fast”…I muttered to myself…Then , without wasting another moment ,I made my way through the  jostling crowd ,at the door. No sooner had I alighted, the bus   took off ….. Infact if had  I been a second or two , late ,I would have been torn between the bus and the road , with one leg on either side ! ‘Why is everyone always in such hurry..?? ” I thought ,exasperated ..

With a frown on my face, I scurried towards my home . As soon as I opened the door, I saw a huge flower bouquet ,greeting me from the  corner table , in the living room and my face , lighted up  instantaneously . It was a beautiful bouquet of orchids…my favourite flowers..I hastened to my bedroom and thanked my husband for the surprise..”Sorry to disappoint you..” he said ,matter of factly  , ” but I didn’t get them for you !!! ”…and he smiled a mischievous smile… I was taken aback ,”not you….,then who…??” I quickly retraced my steps to the living room  and examined the bouquet carefully…”no… there is no card anywhere on it… where did you find it then..?? ” I enquired… ‘It was on the floor, outside the door ,when I came..I looked around ,but there was no I took it in …”  said my husband….”must be from some secret admirer!! ” he  remarked ,with a twinkle in his eyes…I glared at him ,obviously  disapproving   his untimely sense of humour !!! That night I  slept little…

Next day morning, when I went into my class , I was greeted by  the smiling faces of my sixth graders( which did  help in lifting up my morale!!!) ..’Ma’m you look happier today…what happened…?? “, asked one of my most impish student. ” Why do you say that??” I quizzed him.. .His eyes oozed naughtiness and he reminded me of a little pixie , from   an Enid blyton storybook, I had read long ago. As he kept looking at me,with his roguish smile ,  my eyes widened in amazement as the truth finally dawned on me. I had  instantly  got the answer, to the question that had been nagging me ,since last evening...So this was my ”secret admirer” !!   I smiled ,and stooped down to his height , saying ”thank you”….He blushed and nodded ,in retaliation.Then he spoke  ,” Ma’m , you have been looking so tired these days….I know we trouble you  lot, but we wanted to thank you for bearing with us…that bouquet was to let you know,we care….” A tear ran down my cheek ,as I struggled for words……

I did not need a break any more….My day was made :)))


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