Amma’ ( that’s what my three and a half year old calls me !! ) ,  ‘Look at this !‘ , she says excitedly , pointing to a  bright pink button on her dress ,  ‘Isn’t it beautiful…??’ ,  she asks , her face all lit up ,and her big  black eyes , wide in amazement , staring  at me , in  joyful anticipation….And I smiled to her ,and nodded ,saying ‘oh ! it is really pretty..’ .

But somewhere , in the  far corner of my heart , I felt ashamed…a little guilty perhaps , because , honestly ,I didn’t ‘find’ much joy or beauty , in something as ordinary as a button ….yes...I had to admit…I had the lost the art of finding joy in small things…..and for this I envied my little girl…!!! She was able to see what I ,as an adult could not…..but what ,God , intended us to, when he created this world.

I didn’t remember the last time ,I looked at sky and watched the ” fluffy cotton thingies” …moving by , or when I took time out to watch the pretty flowers in my mom’s garden….I didn’t remember a time ,when I watched the little , hardworking ants carry food around or the tiny humming bird drink nectar from the flowers….I have not ,in the recent past ,bothered ,to look at the pair of colourful butterflies , fly around together ,as if doing the waltz…

Yet my , little girl , has seen all of this , beaming with  excitement at every new sight ,which I had ,till that moment ,failed to take notice of.. ( taking it for granted perhaps ! ) .

My daughter,is unwittingly teaching me , how to take delight in the small , but exceedingly beautiful things in life.

As adults ,we take things and people for granted…We are so busy with our monotonous lives , that we forget to  ‘draw pleasure from the everyday things’ .Things that surround us , yet we do not see…….or maybe…, choose not to…..

I am learning now ,that happiness doesn’t always mean , a material possession…in fact ,most of the time , happiness comes from those things which we deem irrelevant in our lives….and which come free of cost !!!

A new dress, shoes,or jewellery  may bring us a lot of joy…but such happiness is momentary …

If we want our happiness to last longer than that we need to learn to enjoy the world ,the way it is..’perfect ,in its imperfection !!!’

You can begin by looking at world from the eyes of a toddler , and realize how gorgeous it is !!!….You will be surprised ,how even the most ‘normal’  or mundane looking things start filling you with joy,and how the world suddenly transforms into a ‘wonderland ,that never ceases to amaze..’ 


Try smelling that beautiful rose or appreciate the vibrant colours of a flower in your garden . Go out and listen to the cooing of the ‘cuckoo’ and mimick  it with your little one….. Watch the nest , you never cared to  notice and see the eggs hatch….Look at that fat little caterpillar ,chomping  on a leaf ,and show your little one too…


Have you tried using a ‘Chenile plant’ ( also called ‘the red hot cats tail ‘ ) to make a tail for your little one and watch her/him ,scamper around like a monkey ! haha !! let me tell you it is a treat to watch…!

The world is filled with wonders ,all you need to do is ‘to spot  ‘ and enjoy the small things in life…………


4 thoughts on “THE JOY FROM , ‘SMALL THINGS IN LIFE’ !

  1. Your post strikes a chord. I often marvel at my three year old’s expressions, always full of wonder. He is almost always smiling, his joy plain to see. We adults have learnt to modulate our emotions and our reactions to situations. We are masters at dissimulation, but look at what we have lost…

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    • Thank you for taking the time out to read my post..yes,I think when it comes to expressing joy,we can learn a few things from our toddlers…i think its important for us to retain some of our childishness so as to be
      able to enjoy the little things in life…:)


  2. thought provoking!!! but i guess what u ignore earlier, seem to gain ur attention wen u have little ones …wen u know something wld seem fascinating for our little one , u tend to take time to observe it too…for eg..just two nights ago…i looked up at the sky and its seemed so diff…it was more cloudly than usual and the full moon made it look even marvellous as the moonlight beamed from witihn the clouds..the first thing i did was to call ananya and show her…i mean i have seen clouds n skies n moon earlier but i don thing i wld have spend time looking at it if i did not have a little one whl wld enjoy it n ask me a million questions abt it….somewhile ago she came to me asking if we can see the earth(globe) from our balcony lol..or are we living in the center of it..i had to open google images n explain it to her…! ! as for your post..well written is all i can say !!n somethin we all shld ponder…:)

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