Are you fair or not…? That is the question ! ( Daily prompt )

In India , there is a stereotypical supposition that all the people residing in the South ( irrespective of the states ; please note that there are 4 states in south of India !!! all speaking completely different languages ,yet seen as one ! ) are dark complexioned ,without exception …….( which is not always the case !)

I am a South Indian ,from the state of Kerala , but brought up mostly in Delhi (North India ) . I have always been mistaken by my friends and teachers for a Punjabi ( from the state of Punjab ,in the North ) , mostly because of  my complexion ( which is not supposedly ,dark enough ,for someone belonging to the south !!! ) and also because of my name ,which would be rather unconventional for a South Indian girl..

On one such occasion , My new Hindi teacher , in between our class ,enquired as to how many of us were from the South. There were only two hands raised , in the air ….

One was a boy , who,  apparently  fulfilled the teacher’s ‘standard expectations’ from a South Indian . Thus, satisfied at having further reaffirmed her belief ( with a smirk on her face ! ) she asked him to sit down and turned to look at the other raised hand…

The hand was mine ,and I could already see the teacher’s mouth open  up in disbelief( rather than amazement ! ) as she interrogated me , to settle her doubts… A little disgruntled and probably annoyed ( that her myth was shattered ! ) , she sneered , and remarked ” YOU ARE SO FAIR FOR A SOUTH INDIAN !! ” And all I could do then was ,smile back at her ,a weak ,confused smile…No thank you ,for certain !!

I did not know ,what a back handed compliment meant then ! 

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT INDIA OR ITS STATES ,HERE IS A MAP…( My native state Kerala is the southernmost ! ):


9 thoughts on “Are you fair or not…? That is the question ! ( Daily prompt )

  1. Great post!!! I had a friend growing up that would always talk about this!!! Brings back so many memories. I am polish. I do have blinde hair and blue eyes but am darker complexed for a pole. My dad has dark hair, eyes, and skin he is 100%polish but looks more Italian:)


    • haha! ” the complexities of complexions” I say !!! Thank you so much for your kind words…am glad you liked it and that ot refreshed some old memories for you…But ,personallyI don’t believe in outward color or beauty…its beauty of the heart that matters.
      🙂 thanks for looking me up…


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