Womanly wardrobe woes ….!!!

It was only the other day , I saw this image of ‘Aunty Acid’ on facebook and couldn’t help myself from rolling with laughter !!!

Every time I decide to go out somewhere and open my cupboard , piles of unused , long rejected clothes come tumbling down on me, almost smothering me !  . I gasp for some fresh air… But experience has taught me ,how to recover from that initial shock, and instantly shove  those  garbs back ( almost with a spirit of vengeance! ) into the deepest and darkest recesses of my closet, so that they never again see the light of the day……

Only a few minutes post  this ‘routine’ episode, I am faced with the same , ‘ETERNAL question , What should I wear? . After seconds , too ephemeral , of  self -interrogation , I slouch against  my bed , disgusted and utterly disappointed with my ‘LIFE’ ….( I am sure you  understand the gravity of the problem now !!! )

My room ,is shrouded with a sudden sense of  ‘impending doom’ …….’This is it !’, I think to myself , a fat drop of tear waiting to escape my ‘ woebegone eyes ! ‘ .  ‘The apocalypse has arrived.’.( ok…so what if it arrives for me ,every time I inspect my own wardrobe !! ).

My room  is now akin to a battlefield , strewn with clothes all around ( most of which I don’t even remember buying !! ), as  I stand there waste deep in a sea of garments , of all colours  and patterns ,still clueless………..

 Ahh…this ineffable’  nature  of women…..A wardrobe , overstuffed with clothes ,yet , not one to wear… Let me replace the words of the famous lines ( I hope Samuel Taylor Coleridge forgives me ! ) :


Well , Women are ‘ incomprehensible creatures’ . My Husband has not  , till date, been able to understand  or provide a plausible solution to this perpetual problem ,that haunts me, ever so often !!!……..

As far as I am concerned , I have reconciled to it , because solving it is as impossible for me, as for one buried alive to lift his gravestone. So till death do us apart………………………..


( P.S : Have you encountered similar womanly/ manly woes about what to wear?? Do share your experiences in the comments section ,and also if you have managed  to find a solution to the ‘problem’ !! Men are free to leave your take on this subject too 😉 )


3 thoughts on “Womanly wardrobe woes ….!!!

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  2. haha!!! even i had seen the image and smiled ” thnking of u” :P..but ur post made me laugh harder…very humorously written..”claps”…though i don shop as much as u ( plz don argue)…but still ,i often experience this ..i look at my wardrobe , which doesnt seem to have anymore place to even put an hankerchief…n sympathise with myself at having no clothes to wear…n then ashwin looks at me and then at my wardrobe and gives a shocked look …but hez smart enough to keep quite , coz a word from him might began World war 3..hehehe


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