No pain ,no gain’  ;

how true is this adage ..

Even the beautiful ,gentle rain..;

is brought about ,by the scorching sun rays


Even  the ‘gold‘ goes through temperatures high ;

to be used on your fingers or neck to adorn …

Every mother , to hear that one ‘special’ cry…

goes through pain , before her baby is born


The hungry Lion has to make a kill ;

to feed himself and his precious ‘Pride’…

The  humble  farmer , has his farm ,to till ;

to  feed the mouths of his children, that cried


The model you watched walking on the ramp

has not had her favourite food, for  years;

The little child ,who read under the street lamp ,

is now the bestselling author ,who moves you to tears


Pain in life , you cannot do without…,

if you aim to achieve some decent heights !

And as  I have often heard Great men say

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’

134418_1828309227948_7896770_o (1)

By the way , thats is me in the picture 😉


8 thoughts on “NO PAIN ,NO GAIN

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  2. Beautiful..!!! What an apt message at a time when people are frantically searching instant gratification. Love reading all your posts…there is so much wisdom even in ur simple words…

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