A WORLD WITHOUT MIRRORS ! – Daily post prompt


Oh love… be my mirror now ;.

for the world is left with none

No polished metal can make thee bow ;

for you have always won………


Even when my mirror did

tell me I look  nice…

my eyes gazed at you instead

in case ,  my mirror lied….


Your eyes would speak  to me..;

a thousand little things…

That pleased my vanity  ;

like flowers, in the spring…


‘Mirror mirror on the wall…;

who is the fairest of them all ”

This was the  Witch’s favourite question…

But so  it is , for all the  women !


So what if my looking glass died ;

a silent death , the previous night.

I still have you ,my dear;

to see me smile or drop a tear…..


All the reflectors of the world destroyed

But in my life , you fill the void……

All that my mirror could do…

can be  done even better , by you


So while I see , most others cry

To overcome their loss , hard, they try..

I am by now ,accustomed……

For, my mirror is you my husband !!


5 thoughts on “A WORLD WITHOUT MIRRORS ! – Daily post prompt

  1. hehe..true..d metal mirror just shows us what we want to see…if we r vain.the mirror would show us a perfect and beautiful person and if we r too modest, it wld show us an avg looking person with many flaws….depends on wat you believe about urself..but the “real mirror(husbands)” know better .One look at them, and you will u get a genuine answer about your appearance and personality :D..

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