When I was  in school , I had a few favourite teachers ( just like any other school going kid ! ) and a few ‘ nightmarish’ ones too.  Even to this day , I remember  those few good teachers ,who have in some way or the other contributed to the kind of person I am today…And whenever I think of them , I do so with a lot of love and affection….

That is when I began to ponder over those qualities that make these teachers stand apart from the rest in the crowd…; what was it that made them so unique ,that their students ( me and many others like me ! ) still feel attached to them..

A little more thinking brought   to me  the answers …and when I became a teacher myself I did try ,to inculcate those qualities in myself too , though whether I succeeded in my endeavour , is for my students to answer… !


Based on my experience as a student  , and later as a teacher , I have concluded that a good teacher should possess the following qualities :

  • A cheerful disposition : A teacher who smiles and enters the classroom will pass on  the positivity , to her students as well. A long-faced teacher , will only contribute to loss of interest among the students and make them sad too…
  • Hard working :  As they say there is no short cut to success…Similarly , to be a good teacher one has to do his/her homework.  A teacher should be well prepared for the class and dedicated to the subject. Students have the uncanny ability to gauge you level of preparation…
  • Patient : A teacher has to have loads of patience to answer the queries of the inquisitive students and never discourage questions ( unless they are completely unrelated to the topic at hand ! )
  • Understanding : A teacher needs to have a good understanding of his/her students , their abilities , their aptitudes and also of their weaknesses and  work accordingly. Performance is relative in nature and what is good for one , may not be considered good for a student with more calibre.
  • Establishing a good rapport with the students 
  • Make the class interesting : Merely reading from the book or lecturing the students will only distract them from the subject and lose interest. A teacher should be able to use examples from real life , books ,even movies ,  and current affairs to make students identify with the subject matter ( this is particularly useful while teaching History and science )
  • Class discussions and debates : A class , particularly the social sciences ,can get monotonous and boring for the students if not handled well . So a good teacher is onw who can retain the curiosity of the pupils by engaging them in various subject related activities.
  • Not hurry with the syllabus : It is important to complete the syllabus on time ,but that should not be the criteria on which to base one’s teaching.  A teacher’s aim should be to enhance the knowledge of the students and enable better understanding of the subject in them ,while also motivating them to read further on the subject.


  • Your students welcome you with groans and moans….
  • When the bell goes , they are not willing to wait for a second more to let you complete your sentence.
  • You find many of your students yawn and a few even steal a cat nap , in between your class
  • Your students express happiness when you tell them ,you might be absent for a few days !
  • When you meet them outside the school ,most of them turn way from you or pass by without wishing
  • The performance of your students deteriorates from time to time.
  • your ex-students make no effort to stay in touch with you or show any other kind of attachment to you


You will know you are an ‘AWESOME’  teacher if :

  • You love your job !
  • you love your students
  • you are greeted by smiling faces ,when you enter your classroom
  • your students are filled with enthusiasm regarding the topic at hand ( chances are your class is a noisy one ! )
  • you are asked umpteen amount of questions related to the topic 
  • willing participation of the students in class discussion
  • most of your students develop a new found love for your subject
  • You are greeted and wished ,wherever you meet
  •  Your social networking site is filled with friend requests from your ex-students , after you have left the school  !
  • Even after years , they remember to stay in touch




6 thoughts on “DO YOU LOVE TO TEACH…??

  1. Awesome post…you have touched on all the crucial aspects of teaching. I never wanted to be a teacher, though many of my classmates in college did mention that I could be one..When I “accidentally” became one at Vimala, I realized how gratifying this job could be. One thing I have learnt from experience is that a teacher possesses magic dust that can chisel away the hard core shell that a student has built around. I have seen how happy and shocked students are when I appreciate them in public for the little things that they said/ done, which they thought had gone unnoticed. So, having a strong will to see the goodness in the students, and not to view them purely based on their academic performance is a big step to be a good teacher.

    Keep writing. I am sure your posts are inspiring many.

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    • Thank you vidhya for your feedback 🙂 yes , I feel every teacher has the power to mould the personalities of their students ! Sadly ,the role of a teacher is grossly understated ,esp in our country…and the teaching degrees being freely awarded in many states has led to the severe shortage of good teachers ! If you treat it with love,this job,I think is the most satisfying ne in the world and its reward( n terms of love from your students) will continue to pour in through out life…
      🙂 I do hope atleast a handful of people get inspired by my post!


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