I concluded , my Saturday night , watching  the English horror flick, ‘The conjuring’ . Well , I was spooked out , though not to the ‘level’ I expected. In fact ,that night I decided against sleeping in my  bedroom ,which is on the first floor , not because I ‘WAS’ scared , but because ‘I was scared by the prospect of being scared !’….

I have always been fascinated with anything to do with the paranormal – books, movies, real life stories…anything that has an element of horror in it , ( but spare me those, that involve  blood and gore ! )

The very word ‘paranormal’ , sends a chill down my spine..yet it is a word that arouses my interest  and thrills me to the core !  ( Am not sure , if I would feel the same , when I actually, come face to face with  a ghost  ! )

Today morning , one of my friends on facebook ,happened to put up a post , narrating ,the paranormal experience of a family friend . That is what got me thinking , and I decided ,that it was time ,I penned down my thoughts on the same , and probably even narrate a few experiences !

Though my family has never been the  excessively conservative or superstitious lot , they have had their share of unearthly stories , to relate and I am always all ears………..

My paternal grandfather was a District Collector , and his job ,having been a transferable one , took him to different parts of the state. Most of these houses ( owned by the government ) were old , belonging to the British era and told their own story. Among them ,there was one , a palatial bungalow , previously owned by the British,  which had a ‘ballroom‘ where the British officers used to dance ,with their ladies. Members of the family claim to have heard sounds of dance and music  , coming from that age old ‘ball room’  , while they were residing there….The truth of it , still a mystery..

There was another haunted house ,they happened to stay in , the stories of which , my father and his siblings never tire of narrating . And they were a little spine-tingling , to say the least. Incidents of someone , swinging them , nudging at their toes while sleeping, on a particular cement seating ( like a platform ) in the night etc were common , during their stay in the house…Once my grandmother , going into the kitchen , to cook breakfast ,at dawn , saw the apparition of a woman inside . Mistaking it  for  her sister-in-law , my grandmother did some ‘small talk’ with this ‘entity’, and without waiting to see her face ,left the kitchen , only to see her sister-in-law , standing outside . Petrified , she enquired  about it from her , only to learn that latter hadn’t visited the kitchen ,as yet ! 

Further investigations revealed ,that the owner of the house had died in an accident in another city , following which his wife and daughters had decided to give up their lives too……..Whether their depressed souls , went on to become ‘spirits’ , that would haunt the house , for eternity ,only god would know !

I have not , in actual physical terms , encountered ,what one would label ,in our world as a ‘spectre’ or a ‘ghost’.. But , if feeling ,or sensing their presence was enough to satisfy our curious minds , then perhaps , I have…………

This happened about eleven years back…When I was pursuing by degree in sociology and wasn’t married………We had just shifted base ,from ‘Delhi’ ( the Indian capital ) ,to Kerala , my native state. After a long, tedious process of house hunting , my parents settled on one…….It was a decent bungalow ( not so much to our tastes ,as our own house , many districts away in the north of Kerala ) , yet something we could make do , for the few years that we would be here. Soon ,we moved in… From the the very first time that we stepped into the house , we were infused with an inexplicable , queer feeling of unease…The house  , though spacious , was a little dark and gloomy inside . The musty smell that hit us , as soon as we entered ,was overpowering. As we settled down in the house , something did not seem right. Some kind of negative energy surrounded us . Though , it didn’t so much affect us ,as it did my father and to some extent ,my mother . Ever since we moved in ,my father had slept little …Whatever sleep he got was troubled . My mom ,for the first time in her life , forgot the verses of a prayer she had been chanting since childhood ( and that was enough to convince her of ‘ an unwanted presence’ ! )

I , too ,felt as though I was being watched all the time , that creepy feeling you get when someone is staring at you ,even if you have your back turned to them !!! ( but yeah ,you could call it a figment of my imagination too ! )

 When things got a little too much , ( my parents having consulted a family astrologer who asked them to vacate the house immediately ) , we decided to move out. On the last day ,while bidding farewell to our ‘not so friendly’ neighbours , they asked us if anything went wrong..Confused,my parents asked them about it…Their stories , tallied .

The truth was out…The owner’s wife had apparently ,committed suicide there ,following which anyone who came to stay in the house , could not do so for too long ,owing to an accident or some other unpleasant incident befalling them !  

By that logic , we had escaped the ill fate of the previous tenants , by God’s grace……..

I do not know if there are anything called ghosts , in real life…But ,after this incident , I did start believing in ,what I would rather call a ‘NEGATIVE ENERGY’… just as I believe there is a ‘Positive energy’ , which we call God………..

As for me , these uncanny experiences ,continue to provide , a sense of thrill and of course , more topics to write on !

Has any of you encountered similar ‘ghostly’ experiences ? What is your take on the subject of ‘ghosts and paranormal ‘ ?  Are these supposed ‘spirits’ for real , or are they merely the works of an overactive imagination….? Do fill me in ,with your feedbacks and stories…………



  1. Hi Sweety. Lovely write up. U wont believe it if I said that even I share the same kind of excitement when someone speaks of ghosts n paranormal things. I remember as a kid my mom would always tell us to stay off some places when we vivites our maternal grandmas native place. I always thought it just her motherly instincts of being overprotective. But one day I remember her telling me very sternly – When there is good in this world and god that we believe in then there is also evil lurking around us. Its better to stay away from places where they dwell. From then on we as kids never went to that old dilapidated bungalow in our neighourhood. Spooky feeling even as I’m remembering that day which is well etched in my mind. Lovely read. Sometimes I feel it’s human tendency to get attracted to things that intrigue them the most. All tge best fir ur next one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much veronica…both for your feedback and for your follow . It s nice to that we share a common fascination for the paranormal and it was nice to read your opinion on the same. Thanks for the visit and your wishes 🙂


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