‘CHICKEN BIRIYANI’ : Any keralite who is a non vegetarian cannot resist this delicious meal cooked with rice ,chicken and spices !!!

Chicken biriyani – the quintessential dish of an urban native of Kerala , India. Those of you who want to know more about this dish can refer to Wikepedia ; Here is the link :

In Kerala , any day of celebration is incomplete without this dish …whether it is a birthday party , or your marriage reception.  The wedding day feast is usually restricted to a vegetarian feast called Sadhya , served on plantain leaf , ( ) . At home we cook Biriyani , when we have some special guests over for lunch or even dinner ,for that matter…And everybody loves it….

There are many versions of biriyani in India…Those from the north ,have their own recipes for this dish , while in the south of India too , there are slight differences in preparation of a Hyderabadi biriyani ) and a Malabari  / Thalassery biriyani )…..

Since I can be called an omnivore the one thing I will never eat or even like to taste are the creepy crawly worms and other insects ,which are served as delicacies in various parts of India ,China ,Thailand etc…..


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  2. You’ve made me hungry… *sigh* but! I will be having real Biryani in a few days & papadum & masala & dhal & crispy bhindi & I want them all on real banana leaf & I want a finger bowl & big glass of rosemilk with ice… I can hardly wait 😀

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