The ‘Beckoning beauty’ of the beach……..

Glistening waves crashed like thunder onto the golden sand. The blue sheet of water , stretched upto the horizon heaving….rearing and rolling , topped with white spume. The waves surged with laughter , as they tossed the small fishing boats , across the surface of the sapphire sea…… The dazzling sunlight made the sand sparkle like a thousand tiny jewels  decorating the emerald palm fringed coastline…..

Kevin lay , resting his back on the moist sand , his lean , muscular frame , the color of rich coffee , looked oven baked. He had a handsome face , one that would have fetched millions ,in the modelling industry…His blue eyes , a startling contrast to his complexion – dark and coarse , like freshly turned earth. But it added a certain edge to his already good looks , giving him the appearance of a ‘Greek God‘.

Kevin had his mixed lineage to thank for  his exotic features – His mother , an English lady ( who had deserted him many years ago ) and his Indian father ( whom he hardly saw ! )..

‘SUSEGADO‘ , he thought to himself , as the smell of salt consumed him. Susegado – an  exotic and emotive word used by the goans ( people of GOA )to describe their way of life , their desire to take it easy and experience everyday through their senses!

He let himself loose on the scents of his native land. The rich aroma of roasted cashew nuts , ‘feni‘  and freshly ground cardamom and other spices ,wafted in the air , from the Shacks….He took in the odour ( albeit unpleasant ! ) of the decomposing seaweeds , with the same zest , with which he did , the titillating smell of ‘goan prawn curry’ cooked in coconut milk……

Kevin was slowly drifting off to sleep ,when , all of a sudden , he was woken up by the caress of a gentle sea breeze…..And then it was back , the throbbing in his heart. For sometime , he had ,managed to keep the gnawing thought away …but not for too long…And soon ,his thoughts were back to her...Rosalyn..- the girl who had dumped him ,for a wealthy guy !

Rosalyn was a smart and sassy girl ,kind of cute.. She was  ‘The girl next door’  type…not strikingly beautiful , yet there was something attractive about her. In fact ,when Kevin saw her the first time ,he wasn’t particularly  impressed with her looks…

Both Kevin and Rosalyn worked as lifeguards on the same beach . As they began to spend more time together ,Kevin realized , that they had a lot in common. Both of them were driven by a sense of adventure. They loved thrills and most of all , they both simply adored ‘Goa’ with all their heart !

Within a few months , they had become an inseparable couple , completely and passionately in love with each other …and Kevin had been hoping to pop the ‘big question’ soon……….And he would have , if Nick ( Nikhil Tandon ) had not come into their lives ……….

Nick ,as he liked calling himself , ( to perhaps to sound more hip ! ) was a man of average built and below average looks ; but who cares about these physical attributes when you are the heir to a fortune !

Nick had come vacationing to Goa and was staying at one of the most expensive resorts on the beach…Every evening he would visit the beach , but he didn’t like to wet his pants ( pun unintended ! ) So he just stood there , watching ……And that is how , Rosalyn ‘chanced upon‘ him one day…………

Kevin had suspected something fishy going on between them ,right from the start , but she always rubbished his claims as baseless and as figments of his wild imagination…Turned out it was not…

One evening , he saw them…As he was passing by ,a deserted shack , in one corner of the beach ,he heard their voices…Curious ,he peeked in through a gap …What he saw there , made his blood boil..His otherwise calm demeanor changed and his face contorted into an all consuming anger,  muttering curses under his breath…Fuming , he was about to invade  into their privacy ,when better sense prevailed and he stopped  , hot tears rolling down his blood shot eyes ,as he walked away……….

The next day , she was gone….no farewells ,no goodbyes….she just left without a word…And , surprise ,the Nick guy left with her……………

Kevin cringed at the very memory of that ill fated day……He felt shattered , isolated ,cheated…….miserable…It was as though a gaping hole stood where ,his heart had been once……He was filled with a sense of unknown fear and anguish….He sat up , reclining against one of the boats …

And that is when his eyes fell on her…emerging from the waves , like some kind of demi-goddess .Her slim ,yet curvy figure poured into a nice hourglass . Her raven black mane ,tumbled down ,like waves, on her shoulders . Those high cheekbones and full lips could give any fashion model ,a run for her money… As she sauntered through the waves , her bronze skin ,shimmered like gold , under the morning sun…,Kevin watched her in awe…She was now approaching him , her deep black eyes bore through his and he shook ,as if a jolt of electricity had traversed through his entire body…She smiled and he smile back at her……….

Just then he felt a heavy hand on his shoulders , and he saw her turn away. He wanted to summon her ,but the hand on his shoulder ,made him do otherwise. ‘Hey, whats up man..?’ , asked  Peter , a dark ,burly guy , in his thirtees. ( He always reminded  Kevin of a bouncer ,who one kicked him out of a night club ,after a drunken brawl …many years ago ! )

Peter owned one of the more famous shacks on the beach , called ‘The sand ‘bar’ ‘…, which was popular among tourists for its night parties……….. Kevin looked at him for a few seconds ,and replied  ‘nothing much…just relaxing !’ … ‘Oh…hangover of yesterday’s party huh ! you are one hell of a dancer man !’  , exclaimed Peter , patting Kevin hard ,on his back…‘So ,how did it go..? I mean with the girl….‘ he asked ,nudging him teasingly ..But Kevin just stared at him , dead pan.

Just as he was  about to open his mouth to speak , a bloodcurdling scream of a woman , shattered the silence of the calm beach… and before they knew it ,they were running in the direction of the sound . It seemed to have come from Peter’s shack.. Both of them bolted in the direction of ‘The sandbar‘….By the time they reached , the place was teeming with tourists and hotel staff….The duo jostled through the swarm of people , to be met by a white woman , probably in her late twenties , standing outside the ladies restroom , her eyes wild with fear and her body shuddering …As Kevin watched her , an uncomfortable premonition of impending doom , pervaded his senses…

While Peter stood there ,trying to pacify the young  panic stricken woman , Kevin walked towards the restroom ,with carefully measured steps. On reaching the door, he twisted the knob . A s he did so ,he turned back to look at Peter , but the latter did not look up. When Kevin entered the room , his face froze in a glassy stare of horror……

There , lying sprawled on the floor , in a pool of sanguine fluid , was the lifeless body of a young woman…Kevin stared at corpse with a grim and shuddering fascination and then the truth struck him , like a bolt out of the blue…

He had seen that face before…yes ,on the beach…just sometime ago…His thoughts were once again filled with the beautiful image of that woman, he saw earlier in the day…..But then ,his train of thoughts was wrecked , but the sudden dawn of logic… From the color of the blood and the skin of the corpse ,it was evident that the woman lying in front of him , had been dead for more than five hours at least… The shocking realization that, the woman he had seen on the beach , just some time back , had been dead for hours , coupled with the overpowering stench of the decomposing cadaver ,got the better of him…The world began to spin….and Kevin collapsed ……..


The flirtatious giggles of a woman caught his ears….He peered in….. She saw him…….He stood there , .his eyes , moist with tears…….Rosalyn ….why did you do this…?...Kevin started weeping ……

‘Kevin…Kevin…wake up…’ ..As the slits in his eyes , slowly parted , white light entered the room and his world..He saw Peter stand by his side , ‘I think you were having a nightmare !‘ , said Peter ,stroking his head….Kevin nodded…Somehow ,he couldn’t muster the energy to speak….

‘The cops are all out on this case. You know …the dead body of that girl..They have begun the investigations.’ ,explained Peter , his forehead wrinkled. After all ,it wasn’t everyday that a dead body was discovered in his precious shack. Kevin could understand , how this would affect Peter’s business and the reputation of his restaurant in the market, adversely. The Police had apparently secured the crime scene and his ‘prized possession’ – The Sandbar , was sealed by police tape……..

As he lay on the hospital bed , listening to Peter’s tales…Kevin had no idea of the disastrous chain of events about to unleash…


The cell door opened and the visitor was summoned….As Dr Ramesh , entered the prison room , his mind was filled both anxiety and trepidation . But when his eyes fell on the prisoner ,crouched in one corner of the room ,all his fears took a backseat. The man in front of him looked starved – a shadow of his former self… The eyes were two black pits , blank and devoid of all emotions… As the psychiatrist , approached his client , only one question nagged him….’Could this man be a murderer ?’


 Kevin sat in one corner of ‘The Sandbar’, tapping his feet ,impatiently…Why had Peter not arrived yet..? he wondered. It was about eleven in the night , and the dance party was in full swing. Men and women swerved to the loud music , exchanging some pills among themselves…To Kevin , they looked ‘crunk’ ( coked and drunk ! ), and he sat there disinterested…

His thoughts were back to Rosalyn and he was filled with a sudden sense of loathing…almost revulsion , for his ex-lover . The thought of her having cheated him exasperated him …He abhorred her now..more than words could ever tell……….

He was woken up from his trance by Peter’s loud voice shouting in his ears…And he was relieved… Peter then handed him a pill. He called it ice . Kevin hesitated…but then he wanted to escape his painful past…So he ingested it without another thought.

Soon he was on the dance floor ,busting a groove.He had been dancing for a while when he spotted her gorgeous face , as she sat at the bar , having a drink. Her beauty was exquisite and for some odd reason , Kevin could not resist the urge to approach her…

The next he remembered ,  they were dancing together , a close , sensual dance , which soon converted into a passionate embrace . As she left for the restroom , he followed……………..

And then , ‘she‘ appeared before his eyes …standing where that girl was, in the restroom.

‘Rosalyn’ – she was smiling at him mockingly….and laughing that seductive laugh…Blood rushed to his face , and the devil got into him , as he pounced on her , …………..


.’The accused is not a victim  of any mental disorder…The murder was committed under the influence of drugs.‘ read the last line of the Psychiatrist’s report…..

AUTHOR’S NOTE : METHAMPHETAMINE ,also known as crystal,meth,ice,crank etc is an amphetamine derivative , with stimulant properties.It can be inhaled ,injected,or ingested.After the initial high ,a state of high agitation ensues , which may lead to violent and dangerous behavior.”Tweaking” is the term given to this agitated and psychotic state.During this time , other short term effects may include delusions,hallucinations and paranoia , and users are at great risk of being a danger to themselves and others. The highs may last up to twenty hours….


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  4. Thank you vidya…your words are always encouraging…thanks for taking time out to read…Just realized I had made a few typing errors here and there…have tried correcting most of them….:)


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