We live but once…

So let’s not hide, our ‘madness’ away;

let us sing like crazy and dance…

 and chase all our sadness away

I am, what you see… 

as wild as can be;

I laugh aloud , and loudly scream;

when something makes me happy !

When my eyes behold …

a thing of artistic beauty 

I cannot then , my tongue hold..

from praising it  aplenty !

A place of natural  splendor ….

of blue rivers and green hills ;

I gape in awe of God’s grandeur..

With childish wonder my heart fills !

I express all this appreciation ;

for works of art and nature’s bounty..

by penning down  my poetic narrations

ever so loudly…ever so proudly….

16 thoughts on “LIFE IS SHORT – BE MAD..BE CRAZY !

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  2. Having been told, often, while I was growing up to “settle down,” “be quiet,” “don’t embarrass me.” by my older sister, I’ve had to learn to forget all that negativity and set my natural spirit free. It’s fun. And I don’t care who is embarrassed. Usually.


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