The Bewitching Buddha of Bylakuppe……..

Located six kilometers from the town of Kushalanagar , in the  COORG OR KODAGU district  of Karnataka , India, is the Bylakuppe ( Bailkuppa) . It is the second largest Tibeten settlement , outside Tibet

Here , is located the ‘GOLDEN TEMPLE‘ , which is a famous Buddhist monastery. It houses over 7000 monks and students.

After the Chinese took over Tibet, the refugees were settled at Bylakuppe near Kushalanagar and the Buddhist Monastery was re-established here in 1972. The monastery not only attracts large number of young Tibetans seeking enlightenment and education, but also draws huge tourists from all over India and abroad.

The 40 ft tall golden Buddha statues are the major attractions of Bylakoppe. The statues of  Padmasambhava and Amitayus are the notable ones. The walls of the temples and the institutions are decorated with colorful paintings depicting gods and demons from Tibetan Buddhist mythology. The altar is decorated with flowers, candles and incense sticks along with a picture of the Dalai Lama .The whole place is a carnival of color and vibrance..

I had the good fortune of visiting this place a few days ago…Hope you enjoy the gallery….:) :

Daily post writing challenge : magical realism and photographs

For those of you who would like to read and know more about  COORG  and THE GOLDEN TEMPLE can have a look at Pho Trablogger’s blog , especially his posts on Coorg  and it’s places of interests HERE ….He has written some great posts on Coorg , the monastery and also has some breathtaking pictures , which more than cover the beauty that is ‘Coorg’ !

Read on and enjoy the pictures 🙂


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