‘GONE in the Wind with RHETT BUTLER !!!’

You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.

Well , when I read the Daily prompt yesterday , I tried to remember all my favorite movies till date and the ones where, I would have myself liked to enact the role of the protagonist…The first movie that came to my mind was the ‘TITANIC’.., for, who wouldn’t want to romance the young , cute Jack (played by Leonardo di Caprio ) and share the passionate love he shares with Rose ( Kate winslet )…But then , I got reminded of its tragic end …and decided to escape the ship wreck….

‘GONE WITH THE WIND’ , by Margaret Mitchell , has been my all time favorite books , which was adapted in 1939 as a movie , a classic at that……I have always believed that no movie can do justice to the original book , and hence have avoided watching the movie altogether…

But if I were to ever imagine myself as any character in a movie or a book , I think it would be ‘Scarlet Ó Hara’ , the female lead in the story…Scarlett , the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner , a girl who was strikingly beautiful and knew it too , one who would go to any lengths to save her own self ( selfish to the core ! ), and use her charms to win her way through all troubles including poverty ,during the American civil war…

Now , you might wonder why ,I would like to get into the movie , to portray such a self centred ,yet beautiful girl , and I have my answer ready – for the love of ‘Rhett butler‘ – the male protagonist of the story ,the tall, dark handsome man , who loves Scarlet with such severe passion (  yet not let her know about it ! ),and knows how to tame the shrew !

Yes , I would love to be in the ‘Gone with the wind‘ – book/movie , so that I would be loved thus , and pampered the way Rhett pampers Scarlet , yet lets her believe otherwise…The only man , who knew how to handle her difficult nature…But unfortunately Scarlett doesn’t realize her own love for him , till it is too late……….

Towards the climax of the story , after a series of unfortunate incidents , a depressed  Rhett leaves her and goes to Atlanta , while Scarlet  lives  on , in the hope of meeting him again…someday…sometime… But , if I were to be to play the character of Scarlett , I wouldn’t ever let Rhett move out of my life , and would consider myself lucky to have him……………….And hopefully ,we would have lived ‘happily ever after‘  😉 ,  like in the end of every fairy tale love 🙂

But to tell you the truth I think I am already living my fairy tale love story…and have a ‘Rhett butler’ in my life………so who cares about the movie 😀



12 thoughts on “‘GONE in the Wind with RHETT BUTLER !!!’

    • Thank you such an wonderful insight into Margaret mitchell’s life…It was so nice to learn so much about a woman whose books got such rave reviews and continues to inspire so many generations… Her tragic end was indeed a loss to the world of literature , which would have probably earned a few more classics otherwise !

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  1. yes, you are so right! it was too sad an ending in that movie. too sad. but maybe that is the reason for all of us being so touched by this grand movie. and i am so jealous for your real life romance with mr. perfect rhett. good luck to you 🙂

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