Live life ,while you can…..

Death is inevitable !

This fact I have known..

This ‘life’ is not  ‘stable’

-the one we call ‘our own‘….

Every second is a ‘breath’  lost 

every year – a candle blown

Mortality’ is the dreaded cost 

we pay , to be as ‘humans’ born..

The day I saw my grandpa’s corpse ..

lying still before my  eyes ;

That day this truth, before me dawned –

‘Every human being dies’

Some die young , some die old 

A few , have time enough to plan 

Some unlucky ones are never told

Others have just life ‘began’

So here is my advice to all …

‘Live life while you can’ 

Express your feelings, make  that call……

Help someone needy , and be a good man !

10 thoughts on “Live life ,while you can…..

  1. Oh chechi!! Just the words I have been thinking over since my b’day…I never knew how time just flew so fast…gonna be thirty soon…and all this while, I have been thinking of doing so many things, but never did actually take much effort to it..many were forgotten, some suppressed…this year I have promised myself to live my life fully..just for today, one day at a time, so that I have no regrets tomorrow…
    I don’t know why I am sharing it wt you..but I feel I have come to know you through your blog…and writing it here makes me feel accountable..somehow 😛
    Love u lots for everything you write n touching my heart!!

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