Advice or ‘Add Vice’ ?? your choice !

From the time we enter adulthood ( actually even much before that !! ) to the time we hit our graves , there is one thing that is sure to follow  us ,even more religiously than our faithful canine , and that is ‘UNWANTED ADVICE’ !

Right from the dress we should wear , to the guy we should marry ( or not marry perhaps ! ) , to the number of kids we should have , or to losing the baby fat ! , there is no dearth of  unsolicited advice in our world . It pours in , generously , without provocation ,  and often from the most unexpected quarters …

Thankfully for me , I got married , much before people could began to wag their tongues , on me ‘not getting married ! But then , that doesn’t put an end to it…

Till you have your first child ( even if it is probably the only ,you intend to have ! ) , these so called , ‘Messiahs‘ of ‘unsolicited advice’ ,  try to preach you on the urgent need to have a child . Some even go to the lengths of prescribing medicines or giving out names of  doctors we must  visit ( Thanks…but no thanks  ! )

And once you do have a child  ,  you think it is the end to all  unwanted advice ! Phew…

But , lo and behold , you see it coming…

 The ‘temporary’ excitement in  lives of the ‘mommy experts’ , dies , when you have that much awaited child , leaving it drab and lack lustre , a sort of vacuum enveloping it…..

This sets their empty minds racing again ,till they finally find another victim or a new subject to haunt ‘me’  with….like ‘ Do you feed formula milk to your baby..?…..You must plan for your second child now…blah..blah……’ and it just goes on…

But wait…this is just the beginning…!

So , as you have seen ( and in all probability , experienced it yourself !! ) , our lives and its rules are often dictated by what  others  think or say ( most of these ‘others’ ,perhaps do not even know us well enough to be able to guide us clearly! )

At this point I am reminded of the lyrics of an old Hindi movie song... ‘Kuch toh log kahenge…logon ka kaam hain kehna..‘ ( loosely translated in English , it would mean…People will talk , it is their job to do so ! )

Our life is our own , and what we do with it is our prerogative ! Advice is a good thing , especially when it comes from elderly people in your family ,who know you well and have seen you grow , into the individual you are today .

But then ,again ,it is your choice ,completely , whether to adhere to it wholly , to modify it ,according to your own thinking or to avoid it altogether !.

We have but one life…So , I believe we must live it on the basis of the choices  we make . Do what your heart tells you to do , not what the neighbor tells you to !

My parents have always supported me in all my decisions right from the time I was in my eleventh grade. That was when I made one of the early ( yet important ) decisions of my life – to pursue ‘Arts’ as my calling  . But ,even back then , I remember a lot of my friends being forced to take up a certain subject against their will.

 I wasn’t spared from unsolicited advice , even then . But I stuck to my resolve , to take up arts and my parents stood by my decision…

Do I regret it now..?? If I were to run back in time, would I change my decision..? No..never…in fact whenever I look back in time , and remember all the advice ( some welcome , others unwelcome ) I was given , yet making my own choice , I feel a certain pride for myself… I may not be a millionaire today , but I am a contented soul , happy with the little blessings in life…and that is what I think is important…You may beg to differ…But , to each his own !

Life had guided me to one of the most noble ( yet underestimated ! ) jobs in the world , the job of moulding hundreds of lives , every day ………the job of a ‘TEACHER‘ !

Listening to others is a good trait , but following their advice  blindly ,without thinking about yourself or your aspirations is Tomfoolery…!  and I am no ‘nincompoop’ !!

A good well meant advice is welcome anytime

It helps us grow as a person and broaden our horizons …In fact if it were not for the advice of a well meaning individual , I wouldn’t be writing out this post or having my own blog today…

Sometimes we need to let things be…Sometimes we have to let someone grow out our shadow , and learn things on his /her own.. We  may advise , but trying to thrust one’s opinions on others , is a sign of immaturity………

In the end , it is your life and you are the master of it !

Now does this sound like an advice..?? 😀  Well…your wish !


4 thoughts on “Advice or ‘Add Vice’ ?? your choice !

  1. Ha, ha! Love this! Reminds me of the hundreds of times I got such advice. And now I am perpetually in search of young students whom I can lecture regarding their choice of careers, on how to write a research paper.. I also love women younger than me whom I can advise on parenting, babyhood, disciplining children, running a household etc. My perfect revenge!

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  2. Ha..ha..I loved the last line.. 🙂 ..but yes, a much needed theme…I wish this was printed and posted at every nook and corner, so that people think twice before giving unsolicited advice..

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