Premio Dardos !

So  I finally  manage to convince myself to write this post , that has been pending for quite some time now ! I owe a really big apology to Dr Aruna Menon of  Ripples N Reflections , for the extreme delay in acknowledging this award and expressing my gratitude . But better late than never !!

First of all , I would like to thank Dr Aruna , for considering me , for this award -PREMIO DARDOS  and for her kindness in bestowing it upon me ( I must also applaud her for being extremely understanding and patient with me , and letting be take my time in accepting the award ! ). Her blog Ripples N Reflections  ( ) , is an example of mature writing and I love how she manages to blend in her own personal life experiences , in her responses to the Daily Post Prompts…Her writing , brings out , the vibrance of her personality and her motivating words , serve as an inspiration to many . What I love most about her blog , is a certain genuineness and simplicity , that reflects from the kind of person she is . So if you are a fan of honest yet expressive  writing ( I am one for sure ! ) , do check out her blog… Thank you once again , Dr Aruna…

Now for the rules ( which I deem flexible , at least the third one ! ) :


Here are a few of my favorite blogs :

  • : I really appreciate Zee , for her captivating   pictures and flowing words that , are an expression of the lovable person she is . I love the way she covers the beauty of her country and its people through her words.

  • : Ruchi’s blog is worth a visit for its beautiful photographs and the travel experiences she shares there ….

  • : for a lot of honest ,clean writing and for the way Sona , shares her day to day experiences through her simple yet meaningful blog.

  • : for brilliant , inspiring poetry and some very interesting posts , that touched  my heart.

  • for the beautiful monochrome pictures that speak a thousand words !

  • for her lovely vibrant photographs and her beautiful words that come straight from the heart ! She has an Award free blog , but I would still like to nominate her as a token of my appreciation

  • for an insight into a world we have only heard of , through her pictures and words and also for her advocacy of social causes , which are both inspiring and informative at the same time…

  • , A special education teacher , who loves her work and students,  to a person , who is coping from her relapse of an eating disorder , her blog is a sheer reflection of her – how her days are spent ,her love for coffee , her passion for food…and so on..

 So these are the blogs I have nominated , I know the rule is 15 , but I prefer to keep it this way 🙂

So , for all those I have nominated , just have  to make it clear to you :

All , that all I expect of you is to accept the

award , whether you  credit  my blog or pass on  the

award to others  ,  is your own prerogative !

So , no worries……….

Have a great day 🙂


12 thoughts on “Premio Dardos !

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  2. Many Congratulations and Thank You so much for this nomination. It is an honor and and a big motivation for my blog. I am new to blogging and learning along the way. These awards are a sign of acknowledgment that my posts are being read and enjoyed. Thank you again for sending your love my way!

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