Knowledge weathers all storm – ( weekly photo challenge – minimalist – 2 )

A Buddhist  Gompa , Arunachal Pradesh ,India

A Buddhist Gompa , Arunachal Pradesh ,India

According to me this picture , shot  in Arunachal pradesh , India , is truly minimalist . I love the,  silhouette of the Buddhist Gompa   ,  looking proud and resilient ,  against  the turbulent evening sky  . A buddhist gompa , is a fortification  of learning , lineage and sadhana ( meditation ) ….Most of them follow a general , sacred geometrical mandala design .

To me this picture , is symbolic . It depicts , in a sort of understated manner , the power of knowledge and learning . The fact that  Education can weather any storm , and  enable one to face the world without fear.

Knowledge – religious , spiritual , scientific ,social , psychological  , can transcend boundaries of caste , color or creed , and raise a person to a high pedestal , braving all odds. 

Knowledge and Education  are two sides of the same coin , and it is this coin which is the key to all social and economic problems faced by the world .


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16 thoughts on “Knowledge weathers all storm – ( weekly photo challenge – minimalist – 2 )

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  2. Beautiful picture and a wonderful post…while reading it, I was reminded of a childhood incident. I was always fascinated with the story of the “akshayapatra”. So every time Ammama narrates it, I would go gaga over it and express my desire to have one like that which could give me whatever I want, unlimited. One day, Ammama, may be bored of listening to the same desire over and over, told me that the real akshayapatra contains nothing but knowledge…for that is the only thing that can weather all storms and multiply every time we put it to use…

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    • Hehe !! Thank you… yes you must..though I have seen only Arunachal and Assam , I can vouch for the fact that the whole of North East is beautiful and worth a visit…In fact , you must visit Nagaland during the ‘HORNBILL FESTIVAL’ …I haven’t seen it my self , but have had friends who have and really rave about it…- a colorful festival and a treat for a photographer’s lens !
      I also wish to do Sikkim , though it is similar to Nepal (Where I stayed for three years ) , but it is also famous for its monasteries …
      So make it your next destination – the north east and I guess it is perfect for budget travelers and backpackers…(P.S: some parts of arunachal are under the army and tourists aren’t allowed 😉 )

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