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Someone’s left you a voice mail message, but all you can make out are the last words: “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.” Who is it from, and what is this about?

I sat on the revolving chair , twisting and turning from one side to the other . My mind  flummoxed… The ongoing battle between , logic and emotion ,was taking its toll on me … I stopped abruptly and leaned back on the chair…

What I saw tonight , may perhaps have been a figment of my imagination , argued my heart . But , my brain protested …The eyes couldn’t have been deceived !!

 My mind flashed back , to  that moment in the restaurant . It was late in the evening , by the time I got out of my  office, (Thanks to my friendly boss ! ) and  I was famished  . So I decided to get into one of the nearby Cafes and grab a quick bite. Once I placed the order for my favorite Pizza , I looked at my watch . It was fifteen minutes past eight . I was about to dig into my bag , for my phone , when  their loud giggles met my ears and I stopped. I knew those voices …

From one corner of my curious eye , I saw them walk up to a seat on my right , arm in arm . As I saw their faces , my heart skipped a beat and the color drained from my face . The couple , were now holding hands as they sat there , laughing , teasing and sharing a joke. The girl , then rested her head on the guy’s shoulder , while the latter stroked her hair lovingly…

I was thrown off balance …this couldn’t be happening !

As  I sat their motion less , trying to cope with this unpleasant discovery …the waiter appeared , with the Pizza . I quickLy , looked down at the meal , trying to appear normal…But , I was far from it.. After some failed efforts to continue with my meal , I summoned the waiter to my side and asked him to pack my pizza , for takeaway . As I paid my bill and collected my parcel from the counter , I gave the  love-struck couple one last glance … And this time she saw me… Or at least I thought so , but then ,  she turned away casually , like a complete stranger !

Now , sitting on my chair , my pizza  still lying untouched  on the kitchen table , I struggled to join the pieces of the puzzle.  How can this be..?? She is my friend….How can she cheat…??

Just then , my phone started ringing…..But I wasn’t in a frame of mind to answer any phone calls . So I let it go to the answering machine…Now , I heard her voice , but it  cracked ,  and all I could make out were the last lines , “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.”

Without wasting a second more , I called her back , only to hear her side of the story. When I put the receiver back , I was a more calm and relaxed person .

Rita , my friend  and colleague was going through a bad marriage , and a few months back she had split  up with her abusive husband and applied for a divorce . Rita , was now seeing a guy from the office ( whom i knew too well ! ), but had kept their affair under wraps , as she was waiting for the divorce to be finalised… But today , when she saw me there , she knew I might misunderstand her , so she called to explain……..

Well , I guess ,  all is well , that ends well . At least she is out of the unfulfilling marriage !

And as for me , I am  still hungry I think I will finish that pizza now 😉

( P.S : This story is completely fictitious and is not based on any real incident !!! )



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