The decade long differences !


Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

I looked at her , and felt a little unnerved.. a little conscious  , perhaps . As she sat there , on the chair opposite me , I could only but envy her youthful glow . After all , she had just crossed the threshold of teenage and ventured , albeit a little warily , into the twenties.. Her face , was as fresh as a morning dew , no age spots , no dark under eyes.. and no make up !

My not-yet-married , younger self , was peering at me with childish inquisitiveness . ‘So , what is in store for me , in the next ten years..?’ , she blurted out , all in one breath , leaving me dazed.

‘I am sorry , if I scared you , but I am just so excited , you know…to learn about my future !‘ , she continued ,without any provocation .

I gave out a loud sigh , as if trying to relax , and then spoke , in a carefully measured manner , ‘Well , there is quite a lot in store for you. But , I am sure you will enjoy it all .’

I , then continued in the same strain , ‘The next ten years , will be a roller-coaster ride for you. The most rewarding thing ,that you will experience ,in this course of time ,would be your wedding ! Your marriage , will then decide the remaining path of your life , at least for the next ten years. Being married to an understanding ,sensible and sensitive man , will be your greatest reward , in the years to come.’

She looked at me , her big eyes ,sparkling and rejoicing at the same time . But , I took , a lot of sadistic pleasure in bursting the bubble .

Well , there are thorns too…A lot of challenges ahead. Your husband’s choice of career , will expect you to play an important role too. After all , it is not easy being an army wife . There will a lot of responsibilities to share and expectations to meet , both on a domestic and professional level . And you will need to multi – task !’

I caught the sudden glint of fear , in her eyes and felt at ease . Her bright chirpy self , transformed into a pensive one , as she demanded me to continue…

I paused , and then spoke , matter of factly  ‘But , there are a lot of fun times ahead . Your love for travelling will , find some amount of fulfillment as you travel across the length and breadth of your own country and visiting other countries as well ! In fact the initial part of your married life , will let you explore a neighboring nation , and spend three years  there ,learning the language of the locals ! The colorful social life will also be something you will enjoy in the coming years.Of course , you will also enjoy the time you spend teaching in schools, and the love of your students’ , I paused for breath , while she waited for the words to flow out of my mouth…

‘What you will perhaps ,enjoy the most would be the joy of becoming a mother , to a beautiful daughter and the merry times shared by all of you !’

So , saying , I looked at her with a sudden change of expression . I smiled…and said , ‘But before you take this leap of faith…be careful to enjoy this present too , for these carefree  days ,shall never return , and nor will that youthful glow , that distinguishes you from me  … Retain this undiplomatic and chirpy nature , and don’t let the circumstances change you into anyone different.’……………..

She gazed at me in amazement…then smiled ,the same carefree smile of youth….


6 thoughts on “The decade long differences !

  1. “But before you take this leap of faith…be careful to enjoy this present too , for these carefree days ,shall never return , and nor will that youthful glow , that distinguishes you from me … ” Something I said to myself when I turned 40 and everyday as a grow one day older. It’s a scary age but also a life changing one. The older we get, the more we appreciate our blessings and everything we have based on borrowed time. We make wiser decisions and value every single quality time spent with family and all the means the most to us. Beautiful post.

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely feedback…Yes , it is indeed so…In fact , in our youth we do not value all that we have , it is only as we grow older that we are wiser and realize the value of things lost and the blessings we have…Thank you so much for your visit..I loved your blog ..very inspiring…. 😀


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