THE ‘SALAD DAYS’ – The Times Of Yore

The Daily Post Prompt

School time with friends , 

– The springtime of life , the ‘salad days’ !  ;

Where fun and joy was in abundance

And days , never ceased to amaze….

When stress and strain , were miles away..

There was not a reason to complain ;

Life was mostly merry and gay…

Oblivious to  any pain !

When ,   exams , were the greatest fears ;

Completing  home work – the biggest goal ;

When a fashion trend  , was  set by  peers  

and friends played a major role !

Where  all  drama , was limited to the stage ,

and all our wishes , without ado , fulfilled ;

Where days passed by , at the turn of a page ;

and all our expenses , to our parents ,billed !

When picnics and holidays , made us wild ..

with excitement and elation  ;

The long , fun filled journeys , beguiled ..

 us , on every such   jolly occasion !

Those , my dear ,were the ‘good old days’

the days of carefree happiness ;

The times of ‘yore’ , the golden days –

The fun times ,with our school friends


5 thoughts on “THE ‘SALAD DAYS’ – The Times Of Yore

  1. awesome !! u made me sooo nostalgic..the memories of school days wld stay with u all through ur life..i even dream of those days often..n sometimes wish we cld go back in time to those carefree fun filled described it really well in ur poem..good wrk dear 🙂

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