Living on the edge – PHOTO 101 (EDGE)


                       LIVING ON TH EDGE...LITERALLY !

13 thoughts on “Living on the edge – PHOTO 101 (EDGE)

    • Hi
      Yeah..both the display picture as well as the pigeon one ,were taken in Arunachal…The display picture is a cropped version , the whole of which also has me and my daughter sitting on the side…It is clicked by my better – half ,who loves photography ( and takes it a more seriously than me 😉 ) Thank you for your compliments ,will pass it on to him 😀


  1. This pic has a spooky feel too…those pictures behind the bird isn’t all indeed the poor is living on the edge!!! Loved the new display pic as well…the whole blue feel to it is so relaxing…just like your blog…and 6000+ viewers…now that’s something to celebrate..!!!

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    • Thank you…loads of it 😀 Haha ! this picture was taken outside my daughter’s playhouse in Arunachal , and those are painted cartoon ,in the background 😉 hehe ! yes…I have to admit the increasing list of followers makes me feel really excited , but as Rober frost said in his poem , ‘I have miles to go before I sleep…’ Thank you also ,for being one of my earliest supporter and avid reader … hoping for your continued encouragement 🙂


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