To my followers , with ‘gratitude’ , lots of it !

Daily post prompt

It has been about four months , since I began this ‘blog’ , and since then , I have only felt more blessed , more appreciated and more welcome in this world , than I have ever felt before in this life .

Like any other person who starts his/her own blog , my main motive for doing so , was  personal in nature – to write and voice out my thoughts , in a world , I was not  yet sure of and , to have at least one odd person , be inspired by what I write or say !

I have always been fond of penning down things and my fascination for poetry writing began when I was in my fifth grade and I was asked to write a poem on ‘mother’ ! To my utter surprise , I won the first prize in that competition , and that is what encouraged me to write further…And soon my diary was filled with poems for my entire family !

I continued the tradition of jotting down things , even after my daughter was born , but it is this blog ,which now motivates me to write , click pictures  and think more creatively , than I did before.

What I have managed to gain from this blog has been much greater than all this .

Other than ,realizing my own creative potential  ,an increased sense of self esteem and an improvement in my writing skills , I have got the wonderful opportunity to interact with so many lovely people , make new friends , learn a few lessons from their lives , get inspired to travel to some beautiful places , study different cultures and of course , imbibe some good things into my own life as well.

So , although I had been planning to come out with this post some time soon , this Daily post prompt has acted as a catalyst , leading me to  write this thanks giving post 🙂

When I started this blog , I did so with ‘zero’ followers…The wordpress allows me to link my posts to ‘Facebook share’ , there by adding , my facebook friends to my list of followers ! But , I did not want that… I preferred to have a list of my own exclusive and genuine followers , even if it meant having none or perhaps one !

But the world is full of surprises and very soon , the number started increasing and today I can proudly say I have 191 followers ( oddly enough , I was waiting for the number to turn 200 , before I wrote this post , if it were not for this prompt ! )

I know this number doesn’t hold much significance for a lot of you who have followers going up to thousands and more..

But , I view this as a teeny weeny achievement , and I take this opportunity to thank each and every single one of my followers who have seen my blog go through its period of evolution ! 

I may have visited your blogs , followed back some of you , but I know there are quite a few whom I have , although not deliberately , ignored . But I will certainly  take some time out to visit each one of you , on the next available opportunity !

There have a few of you ,who have actively supported me in my sojourn , guiding me with your advice , motivating me with your kinds words or simply indicating your appreciation through your regular and consistent ‘likes’ . And I am sure those who haven’t have their reasons too … 😉

I take this post as an opportunity to express my gratitude for all those  views , the awesome awards , lovely comments , genuine feed backs , likes, ping backs and follows ! You have made my blog what it is today ( not that it is a great one , but at least it is presentable 😛 )

Here are a few lines expressing my gratitude to each one of you.... :

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, 

For being with me ,from my ‘start’

For the kind words , and cute remarks,

and pointing out my mistakes ,’stark’ !

For appreciating the good in me ,

A ‘thank you’ being the only ‘fee’…

Thanks for always being there ;

and for being so  clearly fair…

Thanks for your love ,which I cherish ;

And for every kind and beautiful wish !

Thanking you all for your continuous support and looking forward for your encouragement in the future too…

Till then , take care all and stay happy 🙂


29 thoughts on “To my followers , with ‘gratitude’ , lots of it !

  1. Thank you Sweety for your beautiful and sweet words! Your brilliant poetry and your fabulous pictures have kept me clinging to your blog 😀 Look forward to more such admirable posts on your blog.

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  2. A perfect post for the “Thanks giving” celebration world wide…and yes, you have all the reasons to celebrate…From your short story on female infanticide to Suzy…every single post has a charm…simple words and straight from the heart..the look and the feel of the blog has changed bit by bit…I am sure that’s going to continue..I wish the very best to the creative genius in you…and thank you for keeping readers like me hooked with novel themes..

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  3. You have chronicled your four month journey so well. I must say you are a wonderful person and that cones across in your writing. That is why you are so well loved in terms of sky rocketing site hits and burgeoning followers.

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    • Thank you so much sona for being so generous with your feedback all the time ! In fact your were the first person to comment on my blog and I can never forget that sweet gesture from your side , and it shows the modest and largehearted person you truly are . Whenever we are on a journey to something new , the first few people we come across ,are never forgotten . In my journey into the blogosphere , yours will always be one of those names , I will always remember fondly…Thank you for taking time out to comment on my post and for your initial motivating words that really did a lot to boost up my morale ! 🙂
      loads of love and hugs

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  4. Wow… such a long “Thank you” ..!!!! 😮 …
    I had made this blog a really long time ago.. but got carried away soon..!!!
    I am back now..maybe only 2 weeks or so, but I have felt this great enthusiasm to write again based on comments and the likes I get (how ever tiny the numbers maybe)..!!!
    Any-ways.. Keep writing..!!! Float your thoughts & creativities ..!!!
    There are still tonnes of “lovely comments & genuine feed backs” despatched to to your address..!!! 🙂
    Take care..!!

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    • Haha ! I think words can’t express what I feel , hence the length 😛 Only two weeks…why is that..? You write so well ,you must continue ,at least whenever possible , or else the world will be deprived of some great talent 😉 Thank you for your lovely wishes…Take care 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • That was really sweet of you.. !! Thnx..!! 🙂
        Yes I am trying to pen down more..But to be honest; lazy, get carried away with work, deficient ideas etc..etc 🙂 …
        And I really doubt if ” the world will be deprived of some great talent “..!!! .. 😛

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