My lifeline – my family

Daily post prompt

You were caught in an avalanche. To be rescued, you need to make it through the night. What thought(s) would give you the strength to go through such a scary, dangerous situation?

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The night is ominous…dark and still

The snow , makes me cold ,makes me quiver ;

The crisp , frosty wind  , bites into my ‘will’

to flee the  ruthless , dark hours , hither..

My feet are numb , my face pale;

But I trudge , I plod , I scamper on…

My heart beat slows ,my lungs about to fail ;

Till I recall the day my daughter was born..

A sudden gush of oxygen fills my veins ;

and my heart begins to throb again…

I will live through this , ignoring my pains ;

I shall not  allow my vigor to drain.

I need to get back to my cozy home ;

to see them smile – my spouse and daughter ,

 Now, come what may , wind or storm..

No enemy can  , my hopes deter !

My eyes now gleam ,with  happy tears ,

my heart overflowing with  love and warmth ;

Till I finally overcome my unknown fears…

And am safely back – to my home , my hearth !

12 thoughts on “My lifeline – my family

  1. I don’t know if anybody could have expressed despair and hope so beautifully…the perfect rhyming words..the utter helplessness..the desperate attempt to stay positive and like a ray of light in darkness, the memory of the lil one…this is pure awesomeness!!!

    By the way, you should really think of publishing your anthology of poems…I know you would say, you have still miles to go…but start thinking on those lines….you have an amazing future..!!!

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