A WOMAN’S MIND – Fifteen points to know about your g.f or wife !

Ok ,so a few days back , in response to Daily post prompt , I had expressed my wish to gain access  to a a man’s brain , so that I could find answers  to a lot of perplexing questions with regard to the opposite gender , my better half , in particular !

Today I have decided to help out by fellow male bloggers and friends , who have been finding it a little difficult to understand the complex psyche of a ‘woman’ !

On  the basis of my own experiences ,and that of a few female friends  and relatives , I have compiled the following 15 points ,that are true ,in case of most women , though as I have said before , exceptions are always there . Please check them out to see and do let me know your valuable opinions ! So here goes … :

  1. We love to share our joys and sorrows , not keep it pent up inside . But when we confide in you , it doesn’t mean we want a solution from you , we only want a listening ear . And that will be all. 

  2. When we point at a shop window , and ask , ‘Isn’t that beautiful ?’ , we are not asking  you for approval , rather we are dropping a hint . It  simply means  we like it and we want you to buy it for us – period !

  3. When we are unwell and tell you so , please do not call the doctor . We can do so ourselves , we just want a little empathazing ( and loads of affection ! ).

  4. We love to dress up , so don’t take us seriously when we say , ‘I will be ready in five minutes !’ , especially if it is a party we are going to . If you want us to be dressed on time for an event , give us a notice of at least 2 hours , oh alright , at least one hour ! That’s not asking for too much….

  5. We can be answering the phone , while chopping vegetables and catching up with our favorite show on TV ! Yes ,we can ‘Multi task’ , and we don’t see it as a great ‘talent’ . It comes naturally to us, which is why we expect you men ,to do the same !

  6. When we ask you if we look fat , you do not have to be honest all the time !

  7. If we ask you to choose between two things (dress,shoes etc) , always ask us what we like best first and then , simply approve of it  . When we ask you to make a choice , we don’t really mean you too … We just want you to second our choice , that is all !

  8. When we   sulk and say ‘We have no clothes to wear for the evening !’ , please don’t look so surprised . Because, we really do mean it .

  9. When we can’t find the accessory we are looking for , to go with our attire , you must never say  ‘Its ok…why don’t you wear something else with it !’….grrr…There is nothing more frustrating for  a woman , than a change of  plans !

  10. When we get a hair cut , please pretend you have noticed , even if you  haven’t . It can get very upsetting when our hard work  (alright , someone else’s hard work , but…our money ..and time… ) goes unrewarded !

  11. When you ask us if there is a problem , and we say ‘nothing’ , please don’t take that seriously and go about your chores . It is just our way of showing our resentment towards your actions , so if you want to avoid a world war -3 , please make a little more effort to find out , and cajole us into confessing our problem and resolving the issue…

  12. When we see you sitting in one corner , sulking , we imagine that  (  just like us )  you need to share your woes and that is why we ask , ‘What happened..? is something wrong?’ . But  we  do know now that  you don’t like sharing your problems !

  13. If we ask you ‘What are you thinking?’ , it  simply means you haven’t been talking to us enough.

  14. When we criticize a person , it doesn’t mean we hate them ! It only goes to mean that  we hate a few traits of that person , not the person as a whole !

  15. We are not nagging…. We are only trying to pursue perfection in everyone and everything . Perfection , as defined by us , of course ! 😉

And I can go on and on…but I think I will stop here…..

(P.S : This post is written ,with  fun element in mind  , and may include a little exaggerations here and there , but all in good humor . I am a woman myself ,but not an expert…Exceptions are always there , and there a lot of women who may not have the above stated way of thinking ! )


23 thoughts on “A WOMAN’S MIND – Fifteen points to know about your g.f or wife !

      • Now this is normally a risky topic but absolutely no problem with my Nepalese family here. Yes I do agree but I always hate to get that answer ‘Nothing’ when there is very obviously something wrong. If somebody asks me that, I will come straight to the point and say ‘Yes’. One of my failings, Sumi, is that I am blatantly frank, to the point of rudeness even. It must be true because friends have told me on occasion. Being frank is the only way I know but people have also told me that they know exactly where they stand with me and I tend to earn people’s trust easily. Oh I guess we’re all good and bad in varying ways. In Nepal it’s usually hard to get a frank answer when the answer may be even slightly negative. People say things they think will make us happy and sometimes this sends us off in the wrong direction. I’m waffling I think. Dalbhat is ready in the kitchen. I’m off

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      • hmm…. Yes that is true…I don’t think it is only in Nepal…even here in India…people are far too diplomatic , but even believe in being honest , at least where ever possible….I don’t like fake praise and generally make that out too soon… If I like something ,I say it out loud , and even when I don’t used to do the same…But experience has taught me that its best to be diplomatic ,when you are dealing with women and be on the safer side 😀


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