Hi all…This is one of my earliest post on my blog , probably one of the first few…Since I was new then , don’t think many have read it… Re blogging it , for you all to read 🙂

The 'Pen'lightenment Of The Soul

‘The world is a book and those who do not travel,read only one page.’ – ST.AUGUSTINE .

There is nothing more rejuvenating and relaxing , than  absorbing the scents and smells of a strange land, observing the local people and their traditions ,  and soaking in the beautiful nature , undisturbed by any technology….

‘TRAVEL’  , according to me is an all encompassing term. One that is used to refer to any kind of journey, that takes you away from your home and hearth; and your familiar surroundings, to a place that is hitherto unknown to you , in  terms of its sights and smells….Thus travel , could be from one’s own city to another or from one’s own state to another ,within the same country or from one country to another,even across continents.

But, I consider the ‘travel bug’ to be something ‘innate’…something you are born with , rather than something you…

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4 thoughts on “THE “TRAVEL BUG”…

  1. HI vidya…this is an old post of mine which I reblogged today can see the full and original version by clicking on ‘view original’ written at the end of the post…hope this sorts it out…Thank you for your genuine concern…much appreciated…Please do read the original , full article and leave you feedback as well 🙂


    • Oops..did not see the “View Original” link…yes, I did read it back in July when you had posted it..just that I had not commented anything. I fully agree with you that the ‘travel bug’ is something innate…you need to enjoy every bit of the places you travel, including it’s “uniqueness”..
      I have been lucky to travel around right from my childhood, thanks to my Dad’s job in Nagaland..and now that I live in Jordan, I get to visit many new places. I love experimenting with the different cuisines and getting to know the history about the places, their names etc..Yet, I do find some of the friends here cribbing that they do not get their Indian food in the restaurants and even packing the usual rotis and rice while touring the place.

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