My ‘gut instinct’ – my guide ,mentor and philosopher

Gut feeling is something that has directed me to do a lot of things in my life…In fact for me , it has always held a little more weightage , than mere logic or emotional quotient . You can call it whatever you like , gut feeling , woman’s intuition , clairvoyance ,or ESP (extra sensory perception ) .

There is something inexplicable yet true about this sudden emotional upsurge that overwhelms me , sometimes forewarning me against negative situations , people or places , and at other times , guiding me like a mentor into things ,and events that bring a positive change into my lives. Infact…taking me by hand ,  steering me  towards my ‘Destiny’ !

I can’t remember exactly when I didn’t use it , because for me , it has always been an important element , in choosing friends , jobs , and even my life partner ( at least here I can vouch it didn’t go wrong ! )

I rely on my gut feeling the most , while making judgements about a person or his /her attitude towards me . Sometimes , I have this strong ( albeit unwarranted ) dislike for a person , at the very first sight… and feel forewarned , and more often than not , my conclusions and fears are proved right …

So much so that now ,even my better half has begun to trust my instincts ! 

Sometimes , these are positive and a kind of go ahead sign , which I obey meekly . Starting this blog ,was in itself one such decision .Though  the suggestion to do so was provided by a family friend and well wisher , it was undoubtedly my inner eye that led me into it and the results have been more than satisfying ..(for me , that is ! )

I don’t usually get all excited at beginning new things , in fact I am a little too cautious , before venturing into anything that is alien to me…and starting a blog , would definitely fall into this category of alien things… I had heard about blogs , but never thought I would implement a friend’s light hearted suggestion , so seriously , so as to begin one the very next day !

Here I think the protaganist was ,without doubt , my gut instinct , that told me this was what I wanted…  something to look forward to , something positive , something good….. And it has never been more right !

Starting this blog has been one of the best decisions of my ‘gut’ , and I shall remain indebted to it eternally , for giving me a great platform such as wordpress , pen my words down , and let the world know what I think , feel and imagine …..

So, thank you ‘gut’ ! 



5 thoughts on “My ‘gut instinct’ – my guide ,mentor and philosopher

  1. One strong gut feeling I m having after going through your last few posts which is WE BOTH HAVE SO MANY THINGS IN COMMON ! What’s your zodiac sign? I am 22nd dec. born, a cusp of prophecy, Sagittarius and capricorn. I was about to write the same then I thought of tiger safari and shared an interesting incident . I tell you Sweety each line in your post has touched the chord. My marriage with my hubby was purely my gut feeling, I never look at pay package while I select workplaces, again my instinct made me work in some of the best schools so far. I loved this one so much. 🙂

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    • Oh wow…so your b’day is approaching ! great…Yes , but sadly our sun signs don’t match…I am a virgo , born on the 5th of September… 🙂 But that shouldn’t stop us from having same ideas and getting inspired from each other ..Thank you so much for your lovely words..

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  2. What a theme to discuss on!! Something quite different from your other posts. The ‘gut feeling’ or the intuition is always right. It’s not just for women, though women feel it stronger. A lot of research is indeed being carried out in this area, and most of it prove that our intuitions are much more accurate in deciding for the future than our rational thinking.

    Judith Orloff, an Intuitive Psychiatrist had written quite extensively that when our intuition signals that we have found something or someone truly right for us, the choice often becomes strangely easy. It feels healthy; it feels good; it doesn’t feel like you’re forcing it, there’s not a lot of conflict. So trusting your instinct is actually a safer and better option. Do read through her book, Second Sight, whenever you are free.

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