The last breath ( poetry )

I see it limp and lifeless..

sprawled across the bed…

I stand and stare , all helpless

But it is long gone , long dead…

I wait for it to stir , to give me a sign.

Perhaps I can help , perhaps go back in time

I pray hard , I pray fast , to the Almighty benign

Hoping it’s only a nightmare , I wait for my clock to chime…

I brush away my tears , my heart still pounding hard ,

And once again , I turn my eyes to the body on the bed…

The truth now  dawns on me – the Earth is already  marred ;

I  grieve , I mourn , as I finally accept  – Humanity is now dead... !

  • [ p.s : I wrote this poem to express my utter shock and grief at the  yesterday’s incident in my neighboring nation where so many innocent children were attacked and killed mercilessly , leaving behind so many families mourning the loss of their beloved babies…. I see this heinous act as the death of humanity….. ]

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