New year musings

I have often come across people who make a billion resolutions for the New year , but don’t manage to fulfill even one… I may have , perhaps , been another addition to this list of ‘resolution breakers’ , except that I have never really made any resolutions !

I am a carefree person , who likes to take life as it comes , and making a list of  ‘to do’ things is so not me’ ! I feel a ‘list’ , no matter , how simple or ordinary it may be (ranging from a grocery checklist to a new year resolutions one ! ) , tends to restrict our thinking , and our ability to act spontaneously .


When we have a list in front of us , there is a tendency to try and accomplish the things mentioned there in , with the effect that one tends to ignore the other , more significant things in our lives….

Being without a list ,does not make you ‘goal-less’ or aim less , it just means your life is more flexible and you have the ability to modify your priorities , while fulfilling your responsibilities…

Even if we do not make any new year resolution , it is important that we take out time to sit back and ponder over the things in store for us the coming year ,and the lessons from the past year …Sometimes , our lives may demand a major attitude change or a change of perspectives….

The past year has taught me many lessons , the most important being not to take anything or any person for granted . But I am human , and no matter how hard I try sometimes ,  I tend to repeat my mistakes !

 Here I would like to share a few lessons the past few years have taught me :

  • I have learnt over the last few years that  the most important thing in life is to stay happy  , yourself . Only a person who is satisfied with his own life can go around trying to improve other people’s lives..

  • No matter what others say , or expect you to do  , always do what your gut instinct says…It is never wrong !

  • Happiness is a matter of choice so you can choose to be happy where ever you are …. If things do not work the way you want them to , try to create new ways to keep yourself happy and fulfilled…Finding a new hobby or pursuing your creative skills is just the beginning !

  • Stop blaming yourself or  others , if things go wrong . Make your own life choices and be prepared for the worst !

  • Stop expecting too much out of every person , thing  or place .. When you demand less , you often tend to get more !

  • There are enough things to make life worth living  around each one of us…One just has to have the eyes to spot them .

  • Concentrate on the good things in life and let go off all negativity . Fill your lives with people who motivate ,inspire and encourage you and keep away from people who crib and complain all the time .

Joining wordpress has had a very positive influence in my life…I have begun to concentrate more on my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses… It has inspired me to make a constructive use of my time and instilled a sense of true sportsman spirit by providing me the opportunity to support and positively influence many others enroute…

So 2015 , I am ready for you ..bring it on 😉

 I hope this New Year fills all your lives with all the wonderful things in life , and may it inspire you all to be better human beings and spread cheer and positivity in the world around you !

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