The magician that is God (poetry)

The 'light' is within each one of us.........
The ‘light’ is within each one of us……

God must be a magician

who with a wave of a wand

fulfilled his dearest mission

of creating this land 

God must be an artist

who with his  brush strokes

painted this world with stardust

and fueled it with hopes

God must be a sculptor

who with his nimble fingers

shaped this bountiful nature

where his scent , still lingers

God must be a playwright

who used his creative streak

‘The script of our lives’ – to write 

and our performances , critique

God must be a puppeteer

pulling the strands of our existence

guiding our actions , without fear ;

mindful of our dependence

God is present amid us all ,

At moments of victory or those when we fall

Look carefully and you shall find

He lurks within you ,   somewhere deep inside


12 thoughts on “The magician that is God (poetry)

  1. So true….we are a part of God’s creation and he is a part within us…If only people would realize this simple truth, the world would surely be a better place…

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