Be proud of yourself !

‘Pride’…. the word itself has its complications. In fact , it is very much like common salt .  The excess of salt ruins the whole palette , while  less of it , doesn’t let us enjoy  the flavors of the food . Sprinkle just the right amount , and it can work wonders !

Similarly  if you have too much ‘Pride’ packed into your personality  ,  you will bloat and collapse under the weight of it .

 ‘Pride hath a fall’ , is a moral lesson infused into us right from our kindergarten days . Remember the story of  ‘The hare and the tortoise’ ?

Yet , without this  ‘Pride’  ,  you are left with a deflated ego and a low self esteem. Not a good thing to have either…..

But just the ‘right’ amount will let you flower and touch new heights …

Pride , is a feeling of ‘worth’ , that one may feel for one’s own self  or for another person .

Throughout our lives , we are searching for this ‘self worth’ in the eyes of another person. As a child we crave for that one approving look from our mom or that one motivating pat from our dad .

Sometimes we get it in abundance , sometimes we do not . Even when we grow up , we do the same . Just that,  now  it is not our parental  approval  that we seek but that of our peers .

A word of praise , a nod of agreement , and sometimes even hugs .  As we move on in life , no matter how much we achieve , a thumbs up from our better half ,  a kiss from our little one ,  can still go on to make a lot of difference in our life !

A few times , verbal  and  a few times in gestures , your close ones do tell you how proud they are of you . And sometimes , there are occasions when you may not receive these magical words for something you expect , but then that is life , bear with it !

However ,  life does not end there . I believe , each one of us , is the best judge of our own  ‘self worth’.  When one becomes aware of one’s own strengths and weaknesses ,  is the time one learns to live  with both ; to coexist in happiness.

Realizing one’s problem areas and trying to rectify them , is a sign of maturity . Also , a person who accepts his skills and good qualities , without letting them hamper his sensibilities  , is a socially mature individual .

Taking pride in oneself is a very good way of staying happy and content . Of course , as I have stated before , this pride should only encourage one to improve upon themselves , rather than demean others .

People who put down others or try to humiliate them are those who , in reality have a poor self worth . In fact , these poor humans are victims of insecurities and frustrated egos , that they try to boost incorrectly by being pompous and disapproving towards others .

I have heard a lot of homemakers forever crib about their better halves or kids never appreciating them or being verbal with their feelings .

But what I would like to say is  that the deepest feelings are felt , not told . Besides , learn to be proud of your own self first and the world will follow. A person content in himself , will not have to seek happiness and approval from others .

Of course , we all love to hear somebody tell us ,  ‘I am so proud of you.’  But your worth shouldn’t be a matter  to be judged at the whims of  your family and peers.  Never let their opinions about you change the way you perceive  yourself .  Your worth  should be judged by you and you alone  – you , who is deserving and  beautiful ,  in every which way……….

So tonight before you go to bed , look at yourself in the mirror and say , ‘I am so proud of you !’.

Love yourself . Be proud of the unique person you are , yet modest in your attitude towards others . Do things that will make you proud about yourself , improve yourself everyday and the world will applaud , sooner or later !

23 thoughts on “Be proud of yourself !

  1. Loved it…and totally agree to the fact that there are so many people who want others to appreciate them, be it t work or at home, not realizing their own worth. What I have noticed is that parents do play a big role in developing the realization of self worth…I may be completely wrong…but I have found that constant nagging and comparing with others just kill your self worth at a very young age…it takes years to rebuild the confidence and worthiness.

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    • Thank you Vidya…And I totally agree with your opinion that parents have an important role in shaping the self esteem of a child . Comparing your child with others , making fun of his weakness while ignoring his strengths , and forcing their own ambitions on the child can be detrimental to the child’s over all personality and his sense of self worth. Rewarding his good behavior , and teaching him to accept his problem areas , can go a long way in creating self confident individuals….
      Thanks so much for sharing your views on the topic…. It is a pleasure 🙂


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