The Ice cream cart………..

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

Oh , do I hear the ice cream man 

the bells of his cart ringing ?

Out I run , as fast as I can

my heart , so merrily singing

My eyes dance , to and fro

as I watch the myriad hues

Lollies and creams in cups & cones

soon attracting  a long queue 

Even today when I hear

the same familiar sound

my heart begins to sing in cheer

the ice cream man is around 

I wish I could enjoy my ice creams again

like the carefree , good old days

Not a worry in the world , no sadness, no pain

A beautiful , wonderful phase

Oh , I do eat them even today

but never with the same  old zest ;

Life now , is like a never ending race

no time to stop and rest …

14 thoughts on “The Ice cream cart………..

  1. Aww..reminds me of my childhood as well….for me it was just about anything that comes with the bell…the marinated creams…and the pink fluffy soan papdi that was called ‘Bombay Mittai’…we would alway hang around the gate of the house so that we get to know which vendor is on our route 😛

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  2. Nice lines, I use to get similar feeling in my childhood days for bhel puri wala, who use to come at late evenings in our colonies to sell tangy bhel and shev-puris..the delicious, mouth-watering aroma use to embrace everyone’s balcony..and whenever X neighbour’s wife made a call, it use to follow many house wives sending their kids to fetch..(including me joining the queue:p)

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  3. Seems like you just described my childhood 🙂 The ice cream man used to come at 6:00 PM everyday and our ears would be all on the street. Any delay would become a cause of worry till we hear his bell 😉
    Not that we used to get ice cream everyday but the hope was still there 🙂

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