Ten points to prove that shifting places and new postings can be fun !

Life of an army wife is no different from a nomad’s . We literally live off suitcases . No home is our home forever . We move . We stay . And just as we fall in love with a place , we pack up and leave again .

Life is not stable , never static . It is action packed for life , or at least till we choose for it to be . 

There are many of us , who enjoy it , while a few of us don’t . This shifting of base , every two or three years comes with a lot of benefits and unfortunately with a few negatives as well . But then , it depends on you , whether you want to see the glass half full or half empty .

Here are TEN   points to prove that new postings and constant shifts have their benefits :

1. Getting to see new places : This of course  may sound like a cliché , but it is indeed the truth . A defence life is the best way to travel across the length and breadth of the country and sometimes even , abroad , without much of an effort or expense . Defence wives , particularly Army wives , can boast of a rich travel experience , including in depth knowledge about the culture and cuisine , of different places , sometimes , the most uninhabited and  far off lands too ! So if you are looking for new adventures everyday , get married to an army officer , and you are sure to have one !

2. Collection of handicrafts  from across the country : Visit an army house , and it will prove this. Whether it is the artifacts , local handicrafts , an exquisitely furnished center  table or a leather bean bag ! We have it all . Each time you visit a new place , or get posted to one , it provides one with ample opportunities to make a collection of  the unique cultural exhibits of that place .

3. A unique collection of Sarees and other dress materials : Every army wife makes it a point to shop for  clothes , especially handcrafted sarees , specially designed dress materials etc from the place where they are posted . India , being a country rich in  a variety of colors and crafts , offers  a wonderful shopping opportunity to one and all . The need is to explore these places and crafts ,  and as far as army wives are concerned , it all all ready made for them !

4. Ready made vacations : Every new place you get posted to ,  has a list of weekend getaways already tried and tested by your predecessors  ( army officers and families have the unique ability to find spots for picnics , even in the most inhospitable areas ! ) and you just need to follow the ready made itinerary and

have fun .

5. Tension free schooling : In most places , there are Army schools and Central schools that enable your kids to continue their education hassle free , even in a ‘middle of the year’ posting .

6. Adaptable kids : Most parents in the defence life , are often worried about their kid’s education and the fact that their child’s overall development may be hampered when they travel so often  , and get into the ‘not -so-good’ schools . But , if one does  look around , it goes without a doubt that Army kids are smarter , more flexible and adaptable than their civil counterparts . They adjust to new surroundings faster and also cope better with stress in school and outside , owing to the unpredictable nature of their father’s occupation .

7. New homes : The main change that comes with every new posting is a new house , different , similar , inferior or superior to the previous one . This has its advantage in the fact that , you tend to ‘de-clutter’ your home every two years , (each time you shift ! ) and try to avoid collecting junk at home , compared to your civil counterparts , who while living a stable life , tend to keep collecting unwanted stuff , over the years .

8.New neighbors and new friends : Every new posting comes with a lot of new neighbors and friends , which adds more fun to life . Besides , the fact that we would leave in a few year’s time , makes us more tolerant to ‘bad’ neighbors too !

9. New Jobs :Though a lot of women complain  about the instability ,  in the lives of their army men , to be the main cause for them not being able to pursue their respective careers , I personally feel that a lot of  these places do provide ample job opportunities , and the short service period prevents you from getting bored with your job .  Besides , these days online jobs and freelancing can be carried on uninterrupted  , in all areas with a stable net connection .  Teaching is ,  without doubt the best career option of Army wives , and most army cantonments have a school , where you can do so , conveniently .

10.Variety is the spice of life : A new place removes the monotony from our life and adds spice to our romantic lives too .

With new places to explore each time and new adventures to indulge in , life can be anything but boring .

So cheer up !

32 thoughts on “Ten points to prove that shifting places and new postings can be fun !

  1. lucky army wives! 😉 You are enjoying while the men work hard 😀 Just kidding.
    Anyway someone might be interested in becoming an army wife after reading this post 😉


  2. I would have loved to write this post myself. I am not from a defence background but i have been nodding so vigorously all the time i took to read that now my neck aches 🙂
    Yes, yes, yes to every point you put across. My father was in government service and hence in a transferable job. Absolutely loved moving every three years. I was resolute in marrying a person whose job would make sure he moves frequently, otherwise i would have wilted living in one place.
    The kind of experiences we get, the new places and people and the exposure makes us adaptable and tolerant. And i have always felt that it is more beneficial to children to learn to adapt. They do better in life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey there Zee… yes it has been a long time ! Nice to see you again..how were your exams ?
      Thank you so much for your wishes dear…I am not shifting right now , but definitely moving to another place , with limited access to the net , for a few months . Shifting will take place after a few months , when the new posting comes ..
      Loads of love to you too


      • Aah I see, Well then I hope we still get to see your amazing posts despite of the limited access to the internet.

        And Thank you so much Sweety, Exams went fine. Now waiting in on the result. And resting a little in this one week break! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome…guess you are all set to move to Arunachal…..hope you will get time to keep your blog active…have a wonderful time exploring the place and making it up for all the times missed being away from your hubby darling 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks dear..yes till the new posting to a new place comes ! The net access will be limited , but shall try to stay active at least on the weekends . Will really miss being active around here…It is almost like my second home now 😛 Thank you so much for the wishes 🙂


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