One Word Photo Challenge – saffron






Weekly photo challenge – Symmetry

Daily post weekly photo challenge – symmetry

Symmetry (noun): the quality of something that has two sides or halves that are the same or very close in size, shape, and position; the quality of having symmetrical parts.



Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Green River

Sunday stills – green river

I was away for a while , and during this time we spent some quality time , as a family relaxing in a botanical resort , named Wild wood spa and resort ,  in the quaint town of Kundapur in Karnataka . The following pictures , apt for this  challenge , were clicked before our Kayaking activity , in a green river , within the resort premises . And it was breathtaking to say the least..

So calm and serene , that one won’t mind pitching a tent by the riverside ans spending the night there…though out cottages were not far away ! The water was crystal clear and not very deep , but very relaxing ………




A love letter from a friend :)

Alright  I think this has been the longest I have been away from my blog , and I would have continued the break had it not been this one little surprise that awaited me when I got back home after a packed schedule , filled with travel , fun and family times .

Today is my daughter’s 4th birthday and hence a day filled with surprises for her . But the celebrations this year were kick started with a visit to a home for old , mentally challenged , orphans and even cancer patients . But I shall write an elaborate post about that visit soon , in another post , as and when I shall find time , now that my better half is here !

But today’s post is not about my daughter or her surprises , it is about a surprise I received as soon as I stepped foot into my home . A letter , from a sweet blogger friend , Nisha of  , A wandering story teller , that has made my already special valentine’s even more special .

The 'special' letter from an extremely thoughtful blogger friend :) I loved the care with which it was written ,and tied together using the blue ribbons ! Speaks volumes about the writer :D
The ‘special’ letter from an extremely thoughtful blogger friend 🙂 I loved the care with which it was written , and tied together using the blue ribbons ! Speaks volumes about the writer 😀

It was with great difficulty that A wandering story teller managed  write and  post them and while I was still travelling I did get an intimation from her for the fact that the letter will probably have to be collected from a certain point…

But so much was happening in my life since then , including a very special valentine holiday along with my husband and daughter , that somehow , the letter thing slipped my mind completely , which is why when I saw it waiting for me on my table (where my father had left it for me ) , I was surprised and excited !

But it was the words in the letter that truly made my  day .

Nisha , I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gesture , and that too for a complete stranger ! What you wrote in there , brought tears to my heart and motivated me to write more and stay focused ! But let me tell you , army life isn’t all about separations ! We have peace postings too …so it is not a bad idea to get hitched to an army guy 😛

In this present world , where everyone is in a tearing hurry to go about their work , with no time left for even close relatives and family , this young girl has proved that there is still some love left in the world . Her selfless act of going through this whole ordeal just to see a few smiling faces , will definitely take her a long way in life !

I do have the urge to write an equally long , sweet letter addressed to you as well , but I have my hands full right now , although I will certainly try and do it , as and when possible !

Thank you so much , you did not just bring a smile , you brought out tears of joy and loads of laughter too !!! 

Cheers…may you keep spreading more joy and smiles in this world through your kind gestures …

Hope you had a great Valentine’s day too 😀

The Ice cream cart………..

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

Oh , do I hear the ice cream man 

the bells of his cart ringing ?

Out I run , as fast as I can

my heart , so merrily singing

My eyes dance , to and fro

as I watch the myriad hues

Lollies and creams in cups & cones

soon attracting  a long queue 

Even today when I hear

the same familiar sound

my heart begins to sing in cheer

the ice cream man is around 

I wish I could enjoy my ice creams again

like the carefree , good old days

Not a worry in the world , no sadness, no pain

A beautiful , wonderful phase

Oh , I do eat them even today

but never with the same  old zest ;

Life now , is like a never ending race

no time to stop and rest …



God has within me, subsumed

a portion of the universe

a whisper of the wind

a rustle of the leaf

a ray of the sun

a beam of the moon

a drop of the rain

a scent of the flower

a gurgle of the stream

a glow of the firefly

a note of a song

a color of the rainbow

a shimmer of the sand

a buzz of the bee

a roar of the wave

a shine of the stars

a dance of the peacock

a shade of the tree

a wing  of the butterfly

And then he gave me a heart that beats

and named me – ‘woman .