In His Heaven …


I soak in the sun

I  caress the breeze

I listen to the whispering

of the leaves 

I look around at the mountains tall

 and the snow covered trees

glistening in the sunlight

they all seemed to call

and fill me with wonder

 Did I switch place with God 

or  was I blessed to enjoy

His  splendid abode

just for a moment…..

(  Hello friends , I am presently in the North eastern part of India and not very close to the internet , though I promise to keep posting as and when I can ! Also big apologies to all my friends  and followers , if I have not replied to your comments or looked up your posts . I am sure you will understand 🙂  )


12 thoughts on “In His Heaven …

    • Thank you Ameena ! You sure do..I guess we all do…and I am enjoying mine to the hilt… Today morning took a long walk in the hills and just sat on a nearby boulder , just looking down at the green river flowing by and the blue and white mountains..the tiny waterfalls…It is gorgeous…thank you 😀


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