5 Day Black & White challenge in one day !

I have been invited twice to join the Five day B/W Challenge  by two of  my blogger friends,  Ruchi &  Suyash Chopra . They have some amazing black and white captures themselves .

But as I have told you all before , I am presently at a place where 5 consecutive days on the net is almost next to impossible. Yet I cannot control my urge to participate in this beautiful challenge , which is why I have decided to come up with this post where I shall be posting 5 b/w pictures together in a single post . Pardon me for the inconvenience , if any .

All of these have been taken on my morning walks in this beautiful place , where God’s Eden still seems to reside . This is in the North Eastern part of India . So here goes my pictures :

1. Mystery


There was something nice and complete about this dwelling . This picture I feel carries a certain element of mysterious charm to it . I hope you are able to feel it , the way I did .



Don’t these flight of steps appear as though they stretch unto infinity ..? They don’t of course , and I have explored  what is beyond yet this  picture makes me wonder where it leads up to ….

3. Serene


There is nothing really special about this pic , except that it is rather mundane . When I saw this wire running through the sky and the bare tree , I had an uncontrollable urge to click . Somehow , the pale mountains in the background , made it all too soothing . It also kind of symbolizes ‘solitude’ to me .


Alright , coming to talk about solitude , there is this one more pic that speaks on similar lines . A lone rock or boulder , nestled on the edge of the road , overlooking the valley and the river , has a story to tell too .


5. Unto the soil

Wait , let me introduce you to this lonely flower , all its petals gone , soon about to fall to its death onto the ground , where it will be trampled by us humans , to join the soil , from where it was once born .


26 thoughts on “5 Day Black & White challenge in one day !

  1. Great pictures and an interesting take for this challenge. The cottage is really intriguing. North East India is definitely beautiful and I hope you are having a relaxing time there.

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  2. Very interesting. I am fascinated with your idea to club the challenge in one day. After all, breaking rules is the rule for photographers. 🙂

    Very nice photos and they capture the essence of your trip to North East.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Every pic has it’s story to tell, and ooh, the dying flower touched me. But you know, it’s dying and decaying and giving manure for new plants to grow too 🙂 That cottage looks like a mystery story waiting to be written 😉

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