Rise up like the Phoenix


Scared faces, ruins around

Screams of agony, desperate tears

Wailing children, mothers not found

A valley of death, submerged in fears


Rise up from the ashes

Like a Phoenix you must

As your whole world crashes

To the ground, reduced to dust


The future waits to be written anew

So gear up, you have a long way to go

Let hope be your armour, and courage lead you through

To   resurrect and re-build the country you call ‘home’.

9 thoughts on “Rise up like the Phoenix

  1. Touching!!! The loss is terrible…I hope the survivors get sufficient help to regain their faith, hope and strength to move on…all prayers with them 😦


  2. My prayers for the resilient Gurkha! Resolute Nepalese people deserve more recognition and support beyond being a tourist guides and Fearless Fighters! My salute that you have put your dedication to their race and their resilience……….. in such simple yet touching words! Land of the braves will resurrect! Amen!

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    • Thank you so much for those lovely motivating words…Yes..the gorkhas are a brave race and am sure they will get back into rebuilding their nation very soon with all help from India ….


  3. If it the outcome of yesterday’s earthquake then I must say, it brought tears to my eyes. Many have become homeless, orphan and unfortunate in just few seconds. Nepal needs this motivational message. Beautiful !

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