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In this time’s ‘Share your world’ Cee has  asked us to choose four topics out of those given by him and make four lists, of at least four items each. Since I am getting back into the groove after a long interval with only occasional posts I thought this would be a good way to connect with my readers and letting them know a little more about me . So here go my lists :

  1. Stuff that makes me laugh

  • Humor based movies and TV series like Two and a half men.( Different thing I lost interest in the latter after Charlie sheen left the show 😦 )
  • Jokes shared with family and friends , and poking fun of each other.
  • People who take themselves too seriously make me giggle. I feel everyone should possess a light vein. It helps break the ice.
  • My own absentmindedness !

2. Fun things for a rainy day

  • Eating hot spicy  Pakoras (  Indian veggies dipped in seasoned flour and deep fried in oil) .
  • Drinking a steaming cup of coffee
  • Listening to  Louis Armstrong‘s ‘What a wonderful world’ … It is so positive and full of hope .
  • Rain photography especially rain drops on roses !

3.Things I want to have in my home

  • Buddha status and artifacts fill my house yet I want more ! I find Buddhist statues very calming to the senses.
  • Kerala Mural Paintings on my walls. They are so bright, vibrant and exquisite.
  • Fridge magnets from across the globe (which means I want to be a globetrotter 😉 )
  • A warm cozy reading corner with a fireplace, which is impractical in the tropical Indian weather !

4.Places worth shopping

  • Goa in India is ideal for a beach holiday, tan and loads of shopping. The flea markets here are very attractive and vibrant .
  • Paris , I love for its fashion in dress and shoes. When I went shoe shopping there I wanted to buy the whole shop !
  • Venice for its Murano Glass artifacts. They are so pretty and I also love the Venetian masks.
  • Dubai , is haven for shopaholics. You can get stuff as cheap as 1 Dirham too….

So that is it for my list. Hope you did not get too bored reading through it

Now for Cee’s bonus question :

 What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

My husband has already left for Wellington, near Ooty, in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. And I am grateful to God that he was able to unload and unpack our stuff into our new house without hassles. In the coming week I hope to spend some time with my parents before I fly off again into the Hills of Nilgiri in Wellington with my little daughter !

14 thoughts on “Cee’s Share Your World

  1. In the midst of a move–hope you love your new home. Murano Glass is pretty, I’ve not been anywhere near the places you mentioned to shop! Nice to meet you and get to know more about you.

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