A new abode !

Well, for those of you, among my fellow bloggers and followers, who have been wondering about my whereabouts, owing to my absence in the blogosphere , I owe you all a big apology. But the good news is that I have finally shifted to our new abode,  Wellington,  a quaint town nestled in ‘BLUE MOUNTAINS’ or the NILGIRIS , the mountains of  south India.

Presently I am enjoying the salubrious climes of this beautiful region while  my friends, in most other parts of India are either burning under the scorching summer sun or drenched from head to toe by the monsoons .

It has been a week  here now and a very hectic one at that.

As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts the life of an army wife is a busy one. In addition to the unpacking, starting up the kitchen and other daily chores , one is expected to be around for other social events as well…lectures, ladies club meetings and loads of parties and get- together. Besides my little one has also started her school here so I had my hands full which is why I found little time to even read my notifications, let alone write new posts.

Today being a Sunday was much more relaxed and hence I decided to pen down this post to remind you all of my existence 😉 I look forward to getting a lot of inspiration from this naturally well endowed place, surrounded by greenery with its lush tea gardens bringing them here for you all to see.

I guess it will be another month or so before I can call my self ‘completely settled’ in my new environs. Till then I shall try and keep posting whenever I can and catch up with your posts too.

21 thoughts on “A new abode !

  1. Hi Sweety, I missed this post of yours and came back looking to see what you have been doing. Congratulations on moving to Wellington. I googled the place and learnt a lot and it sounds so exciting! By this time you must be completely settled and exploring the natural beauty. I am missing reading you!

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  2. Heya..would you like to feature in a section of my blog called Reader’s Nook? I ask readers a set of questions and publish the same with their bio and link. Let me know if interested 😀 And NILGIRIS. WOAH. Life must be amazing there!


  3. I have lived in Nilgiris for a while and I will be hopefully visiting Nilgiris soon. Wellington has a beautiful football pitch. I missed playing on that field. 😦 It was for the army but A division club matches used to happen on that pitch.

    I hope things work out well for me and I happen to visit that place. Been a while

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      • Hi Sweety. Well yes they are all unharmed but the aftershocks are continuing. Yes I am now in Lisbon, Portugal and immigration for the family members will take a very long time to arrange.


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