A new abode !

Well, for those of you, among my fellow bloggers and followers, who have been wondering about my whereabouts, owing to my absence in the blogosphere , I owe you all a big apology. But the good news is that I have finally shifted to our new abode,  Wellington,  a quaint town nestled in ‘BLUE MOUNTAINS’ or the NILGIRIS , the mountains of  south India.

Presently I am enjoying the salubrious climes of this beautiful region while  my friends, in most other parts of India are either burning under the scorching summer sun or drenched from head to toe by the monsoons .

It has been a week  here now and a very hectic one at that.

As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts the life of an army wife is a busy one. In addition to the unpacking, starting up the kitchen and other daily chores , one is expected to be around for other social events as well…lectures, ladies club meetings and loads of parties and get- together. Besides my little one has also started her school here so I had my hands full which is why I found little time to even read my notifications, let alone write new posts.

Today being a Sunday was much more relaxed and hence I decided to pen down this post to remind you all of my existence 😉 I look forward to getting a lot of inspiration from this naturally well endowed place, surrounded by greenery with its lush tea gardens bringing them here for you all to see.

I guess it will be another month or so before I can call my self ‘completely settled’ in my new environs. Till then I shall try and keep posting whenever I can and catch up with your posts too.

Temple bell : Weekly Photo Challenge – On the way

Weekly Photo Challenge – on the way

On my walks in the North Eastern India , sometimes I  took  a detour to wander into my husband’s office. On the first day of my walk to the office complex , my eyes fell on a small temple shrine inside the  office grounds. What attracted me more was not the idol inside but the beautiful bells that hung outside it. I immediately took out my camera to capture the stunning golden bells against the contrasting red backdrop of the temple wall.

My better half who usually never appreciates something unless it is close to perfect was impressed by the way I perceived  a rather mundane looking temple bell and transformed it into a an object of art. What surprised me was that while all the office goers passed this temple on their way , no body really noticed these humble  looking bells or captured them through a lens.

But for me they were beautiful and so serene – a symbol of love,peace and tranquility.


Enveloped -Weekly Photo Challenge


Only a few days back I was travelling through the winding roads of Arunachal  Pradesh, India overlooking the beautiful,quaint hills and enveloped in mist. When I saw this sight I had to stop the vehicle to click a picture of this dreamy scenery. To me this picture defines enveloped in the true sense.

Enveloped in mist and beauty, just like  Life , that is so beautiful  yet filled with perils at every stage. But isn’t that what ‘living‘ is all about ? – to be ‘Enveloped’ by obstacles yet emerge out victorious and unscathed.? Whats your take?


In His Heaven …


I soak in the sun

I  caress the breeze

I listen to the whispering

of the leaves 

I look around at the mountains tall

 and the snow covered trees

glistening in the sunlight

they all seemed to call

and fill me with wonder

 Did I switch place with God 

or  was I blessed to enjoy

His  splendid abode

just for a moment…..

(  Hello friends , I am presently in the North eastern part of India and not very close to the internet , though I promise to keep posting as and when I can ! Also big apologies to all my friends  and followers , if I have not replied to your comments or looked up your posts . I am sure you will understand 🙂  )

Be proud of yourself !


‘Pride’…. the word itself has its complications. In fact , it is very much like common salt .  The excess of salt ruins the whole palette , while  less of it , doesn’t let us enjoy  the flavors of the food . Sprinkle just the right amount , and it can work wonders !

Similarly  if you have too much ‘Pride’ packed into your personality  ,  you will bloat and collapse under the weight of it .

 ‘Pride hath a fall’ , is a moral lesson infused into us right from our kindergarten days . Remember the story of  ‘The hare and the tortoise’ ?

Yet , without this  ‘Pride’  ,  you are left with a deflated ego and a low self esteem. Not a good thing to have either…..

But just the ‘right’ amount will let you flower and touch new heights …

Pride , is a feeling of ‘worth’ , that one may feel for one’s own self  or for another person .

Throughout our lives , we are searching for this ‘self worth’ in the eyes of another person. As a child we crave for that one approving look from our mom or that one motivating pat from our dad .

Sometimes we get it in abundance , sometimes we do not . Even when we grow up , we do the same . Just that,  now  it is not our parental  approval  that we seek but that of our peers .

A word of praise , a nod of agreement , and sometimes even hugs .  As we move on in life , no matter how much we achieve , a thumbs up from our better half ,  a kiss from our little one ,  can still go on to make a lot of difference in our life !

A few times , verbal  and  a few times in gestures , your close ones do tell you how proud they are of you . And sometimes , there are occasions when you may not receive these magical words for something you expect , but then that is life , bear with it !

However ,  life does not end there . I believe , each one of us , is the best judge of our own  ‘self worth’.  When one becomes aware of one’s own strengths and weaknesses ,  is the time one learns to live  with both ; to coexist in happiness.

Realizing one’s problem areas and trying to rectify them , is a sign of maturity . Also , a person who accepts his skills and good qualities , without letting them hamper his sensibilities  , is a socially mature individual .

Taking pride in oneself is a very good way of staying happy and content . Of course , as I have stated before , this pride should only encourage one to improve upon themselves , rather than demean others .

People who put down others or try to humiliate them are those who , in reality have a poor self worth . In fact , these poor humans are victims of insecurities and frustrated egos , that they try to boost incorrectly by being pompous and disapproving towards others .

I have heard a lot of homemakers forever crib about their better halves or kids never appreciating them or being verbal with their feelings .

But what I would like to say is  that the deepest feelings are felt , not told . Besides , learn to be proud of your own self first and the world will follow. A person content in himself , will not have to seek happiness and approval from others .

Of course , we all love to hear somebody tell us ,  ‘I am so proud of you.’  But your worth shouldn’t be a matter  to be judged at the whims of  your family and peers.  Never let their opinions about you change the way you perceive  yourself .  Your worth  should be judged by you and you alone  – you , who is deserving and  beautiful ,  in every which way……….

So tonight before you go to bed , look at yourself in the mirror and say , ‘I am so proud of you !’.

Love yourself . Be proud of the unique person you are , yet modest in your attitude towards others . Do things that will make you proud about yourself , improve yourself everyday and the world will applaud , sooner or later !