Back to civilization !

After spending about two and a half months in a place devoid of any technology but infused with beautiful nature and clean mountain air…. I am back to civilization…. back to mobile phones, wi fi , and whatsapp….

I miss my walks, I miss the breeze, I miss the de-addiction. But I guess I will get used to it soon. It is raining here in Kerala so a respite from the sultry weather that greeted us yesterday on our arrival here. The consoling factor is that soon I will be back to the hills, albeit not so isolated or uninhabited, yet beautiful…  so waiting for that..

I guess when you have been away for long , it takes time to get back to the grind. But the excitement of a new posting and a new place keeps me motivated. I know I have not so regular with my posts and with the packing and shifting going on, cannot promise you the same for a few days more…Nevertheless I am going to be more active and visible. I have been missing the posts of some good blogger friends for sometime now, hope to catch up on at least some of you now …

The stay in the hills of the far away east taught me a few things –

1. I have learnt to appreciate beauty in nature much more than I used to.

2.I have started taking photography a bit more seriously than I used to before and it had made me see this world of ours from a whole new perspective, and find beauty in everything.

3.I have realized that one doesn’t need phones and whats app to keep one busy, there is so much to do otherwise too…like writing…It is a passion you can carry around with you, anywhere and everywhere.

I guess I will wind up for now. Looking forward to reading more often from you all now…..


From Robot to human ! ( Technological De-addicition complete)

These days I am in a ‘technology de-addiction’ (don’t refer the lexicon, I just made it up !) mode , not so much by choice as by lack of it . The place I am in  right now (and will continue to be for a month or more) as I  have written before is a little far away from civilization ( alright, perhaps ‘little’ is an understatement. It is very far from anything close to civilization !).

There is no mobile connectivity, and even land phones are out  most of the time, owing to the wind, rain and sometimes neither of these. My accessibility to the internet is restricted to weekends. Needless to say, I am unavailable on my Whatsapp account as well .

But that is what has made me experience this life, as it was before; before any of this had ever come to exist , a life as it was meant to be !

I have discovered that living without facebook or whatspp does not kill. I am living and I have never felt more alive before. Well, alright perhaps, that was a bit of exaggeration , but the essence is the same, I am definitely feeling more human these days ( though I am so addicited to these technological innovations now, that I cannot survive being human for too long! ).

So I await my robotic existence , where I type more than I talk, I see more than I listen and I chat with far away people more than I do with my own family members and emote more with emoticons than with my own face. Wow, what a life !

And here I am, breathing in fresh mountain air as I take my morning walks, feeling the breeze, watching the snow capped peaks, listening to the rustle of the leaves and the cawing the raven ; when I could have just slouched on my couch and exercised my fingers instead (typing on my phone I meant !).

I spend precious mornings and evenings painting flowers and butterflies with my little one, watching animated movies on the laptop together , dancing like crazy to rocking numbers , swinging together in the garden, playing with the little puppy we have got here, watching the bees and the ducks ….. when I could have just handed her a tablet and let her be !

I read more, I write more, I click more pictures and definitely appreciate nature more. I feel so much like a ‘human’ again…a ‘boring’ human who will be a complete and utter misfit in a techno-savvy world.

But am I happy…? Yes. Do I feel good and healthy? I feel refreshed and rejuvenated ! Am I exaggerating again? No, this is honest :P. So I guess, I needed this forced de-addicition to start seeing things as they were before , to start enjoying  the simple pleasures of life we take so much for granted otherwise. I needed this, to realize the time I was giving away to these socio-technological innovations , for free. I needed this to let me know that I am supposed to control them and not vice versa.

Well, have I learnt my lessons? I think I have. I cannot and will not wean away completely from any of these , the internet in particular( for how else will I run my precious blog..?) , but I will not go back to being a robot again.

I want to stay human, for this is how God meant us to be !