In times of despair

When darkness clouds my mind

Filling it with hopeless fear

A flicker of light I find

 In moments of solitude

When bitterness overwhelms my heart

Enslaving my grit and fortitude

A   prayer I say makes my loneliness depart

In times of  fame and success galore

When my heart swells with pride

Yet my greedy self yearns for more

‘Stop’ says a voice somewhere deep inside

In times of love and happiness

when my haughty mind begins to ignore

my beautiful friends and loved ones

A nightmare reminds me of the solitude before

You have been in my journey

You have seen me through

You have guided me sternly

Yet I never saw you !

You were the light that I saw

You were the prayer that I said

You were the voice  shouting no

You were the nightmare  in  my bed

You led me to my today

You lead me to my tomorrow

You cleared the thorns in my way

You remove me from sorrow

The magician that is God (poetry)

The 'light' is within each one of us.........
The ‘light’ is within each one of us……

God must be a magician

who with a wave of a wand

fulfilled his dearest mission

of creating this land 

God must be an artist

who with his  brush strokes

painted this world with stardust

and fueled it with hopes

God must be a sculptor

who with his nimble fingers

shaped this bountiful nature

where his scent , still lingers

God must be a playwright

who used his creative streak

‘The script of our lives’ – to write 

and our performances , critique

God must be a puppeteer

pulling the strands of our existence

guiding our actions , without fear ;

mindful of our dependence

God is present amid us all ,

At moments of victory or those when we fall

Look carefully and you shall find

He lurks within you ,   somewhere deep inside

The ‘GOLDEN TEMPLE’ , where the sky , the water and the faiths unite (Photo challenge- converge )




This picture was shot at a Sikh gurdwara , called the ‘Harmandir sahib’ (The temple of God ) or more informally ,referred to as the ‘Golden Temple’ , in Amritsar ,Punjab ,India.The Golden Temple stands amidst a large holy water tank. This man-made tank is popularly known as Amrit Sarovar, literally meaning a ‘Pool of Holy Nectar’.

CONVERGE ( In the LITERAL sense )

I love the way the magnificent   gold plated,  main structure of the temple , leads our bedazzled eyes into the blue sky. There is a clear convergence of the main gold coated  structure , with the blue sky and the reflected waters .

CONVERGE ( in the FIGURATIVE sense )

Though constructed and considered sacred by the Sikhs ,  the main intention was to build a place of  central worship for men and women from all walks of life and all religions to come and worship God equally.

The Gurudwara  has FOUR ENTRANCES , and therefore , open from all four cardinal directions allowing people to enter from all sides , signifying the importance of acceptance and openness .Thus , leading to a ‘convergence‘ of people following different faiths and religions.  Over 100,000 people visit the holy shrine daily for worship. So , this ‘GOLDEN TEMPLE‘ , is an apt symbol for converging faiths and religious sentiments !