The wedding Bells – Part 6 (Flash fiction chain # 6 )

img_9020-fileminimizerOnce again, a group of writers from different geographical realms encompassing all of Earth gather together to create a wonderful story. The photograph above serves as the inspirational theme for the 6th Flash Fiction Chain hosted by Jithin of ProTraBlogger. Give his beautiful site a visit and feast your eyes on the inspirational photos or read about his adventures.

A comprehensive list of important characters in the story:


Anna Brighton- a 32 year old CEO that owns and runs a publishing company

Alex Burns – well established author, Anna’s ex, Toby Blackwell’s cousin

Melissa Doyle – the bride, Anna’s dear friend

Toby Blackwell – co-owns the Blackwell estate, Alexis’ cousin

(Supporting characters)

Jenny- Anna’s secretary

Adam – Owner of Adam and Eve’s

Harrison – Melissa’s fiance.

I am entrusted to write  Part 6 of the story… To understand the flow of the story, it is best to read the first five parts before reading this one.

PART 1 by Sona

PART 2 by Yinglan

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PART 4 by Frenesthetist

PART 5 by Dr Ko

                                                        PART 6

She fell asleep and dreamed  of flowers, bells and……. love….

Once again Anna was back in the garden…The sweet , intoxicating scent of roses , wafted in the cool , night air . As  Anna stood there watching the silver orb , now gradually hiding behind the grey clouds , she heard a rustle behind her . Anna turned around to look . She saw the shadow of a tall man , walking towards her from the other side of the garden.

  Anna tried to make out the face of the man , whose very presence was beginning to unsettle the rhythm of her heart. Before she knew it , he had inched closer to her . There  was a  momentous silence between them and Anna could hear the fervent  fluttering of her own heart. .

 She stood transfixed  in hypnotic fascination , as the man leaned closer . His  intriguing scent consumed her senses . She could feel his warm breath  on her face , sense his excitement at this proximity , and her own lips quivered in nervous excitement . There was something magnetic about his presence , something so stimulating that she didn’t wish to tear away from him . As she felt him cup her face , in his warm ,  hands , a tingling sensation enveloped her ..

In the very next moment , she felt his lips pressed against her own and a surge of euphoria engulfed her whole being… Her mind started racing… She tried to pull away yet she wanted to stay…

Then , all of sudden she heard a women’s voice calling out to her ….’Anna..Anna..’ 

Anna opened her eyes , unwillingly . Through the half parted eyelids , she could see a hazy form , shouting to her , ‘Anna…for God’s sake…It is my wedding today !’

Anna bolted upright on the bed . Rubbing her eyes , she tried to make sense of everything. For a brief second , she felt lost. But Mel’s  anxious face soon brought her back to the present . The Hen party …the walk in the garden..Alex’s nocturnal tryst , and then the dream… Anna felt her face flush , at the very memory  of it….

Mel’s voice was still booming . ‘Anna..what happened to you.Are you even listening ?’ . Anna turned to look at Mel . Her friend looked perturbed , a crease of worry running across her forehead. ‘Mel..what’s wrong ? I am sorry..I overslept… I..’ , She was about to continue , when Melissa interrupted her and remarked ,  somewhat pensively , ‘ is the ring ! I forgot to collect Harry’s wedding ring from the jeweler .’

As Anna stared at her aghast , and still a little dazed from her sleep , Mel continued in the same strain , ‘Oh Anna , I had planned to pick it up yesterday after our visit to Adam and Eve’s , but the fake police episode followed by our Hen party…drowned my plans…. I shouldn’t have…’

Anna jumped in to her rescue , ‘Don’t worry dear . There is still some time for the wedding . I will hurry up and collect the ring , while you finish dressing up . In case I am late , I shall meet you at the Church …Would that be fine by you ?  ‘That would be perfect ! Thank you sweetheart are such a life saver !’ , replied Mel , looking relieved and much happier , as she hugged Anna tightly and gave her a peck on the cheek . ‘Alright then , I will hurry up and get dressed ….’ , announced Anna , as she crept put of her bed and rushed towards the washroom .

Anna looked at herself in the mirror , pleased . Adam’s assistant was truly a magician ! The dress fit her perfectly now . She then , adorned her neck with a silver chain , a small diamond pendant hanging from it . ‘Well that completes it..!’ , and then Anna blushed at her own vanity.

She did not remember the last time , she had spent so much effort in getting dressed . But ‘Today is special…It is my best friend’s wedding !’ ,  Anna thought out aloud , though in the deepest corner of her heart she knew  that wasn’t the actual reason . She felt unusually cheerful today…and Mel’s wedding had nothing to do with it….

Was the cupid’s spirit working its magic on her ? …She wasn’t so sure…

Just as she was about to jump into the driver’s seat of her of Red Mercedes , she heard a  deep baritone  behind her and turned.’You need a chauffeur perhaps  ?….’ , inquired Toby , looking Suave in a  Black  Tuxedo . Anna stared at him , unabashedly , while Toby , interrogated , in his characteristic gentlemanly manner , ‘May I be of any service ?…you don’t know yet  darling , but I am a good driver.’

He scrutinized Anna , with a twinkle in his eyes , and then , as if gathering courage from her expression  , went on , ‘You shall be safe in my hands , princess !‘  Anna’s cheeks changed a color of crimson ,  as she stared at Toby ,  his robust figure , now accentuated by the  creases on the tuxedo .

And as if that wasn’t enough ,   Tobias ,  smiled  an electrifying  smile ,  that revealed his dimples , making Anna weak in her knees  .  After a moment’s pause , she spoke, with a hint of flirtation , ‘Alright then , go on , please me….’ .

Soon , the Red Mercedes  vroomed past  Alex , who was standing on the porch of the  huge mansion , peering in the direction of the car , his fists clenched in a  suppressed  feeling of anger and betrayal.

Will cupid do its job of uniting Anna with her lover ..? Was it the charismatic Toby or the attractive Alex..? Will Anna be able to reach the wedding venue , on time ? Will this one hour  before Melissa’s wedding change  Anna’s life for ever ? 

The next part  is  written by  Itchy Quill …so read on as it gets more and more interesting 😉




This is part 11 of flash fiction chain #5 hosted by Pho Trablogger and inspired by the amazing picture above. This is a collaboration of bunch of writers/bloggers all over the world who create a fictional world with their imagination based on the picture given by host Jithin,Proud to be part of this team. Please visit his blog for previous four series.

To get the context of the story, please read the first ten parts
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I am writing the Part 11  and the concluding part of the flash fiction chain .

Character List:

Rick-10yrs Old Jenna-Rick’s social worker

Mrs. Montgomery- Foster mother

Jake- Mrs. Montgomery’s son

Sun- The Monkey

***Elaborated Characters*** (The Other Kids Sorted By Tables)

Table 1- Mesa-Boy, 14 yrs old Toro-Boy, 12 yrs old Wheeze-Boy, 8 yrs old

Table 2-Danus-Boy, 11 yrs old Makaya & Kumba-Boys, Twins, 7 yrs old

Table 3- Marilyn-Girl, 11 yrs old  Britney-Girl, 8 yrs old Kanya-Girl, 6 yrs old

  PART 11

Jenna stared in utter shock as she saw him emerge from the bushes….while Sun the monkey and the other half human  , half animal looking creatures hailed to their Lord , welcoming him amidst them all .

‘Jack’ , exclaimed Jenna , unable to contain her disgust and disappointment . Jack was wearing a black cape and looked paler and more sinister than his old self .

There was something inhuman about him and his gait . Jack was leaning forward , and walking like a primate …on all fours , only his human body , was not permitting him to do this with ease .

Jenna stared at him agape .In the very next moment , Jack turned to look at her , and his poisonous glare , was enough to confirm her suspicions . The evil that lurked behind the human form , was not Jack . Jack was possessed .

As she was lost in her thoughts trying to  make sense of everything that was going on , she heard a thunderous roar , a voice so loud and threatening , that the children quivered from behind the cage bars . It was Jack (or whatever was possessing him ) that made that horrendous , spine tingling noise . And Jenna could hear her heart throb hard …

Rick stared at the Evil creature that possessed Jack , and looked around  with compassion , at his fellow mates . It was then that he noticed it… Danus and Moses…. The two were missing…

He ran his eyes all around the temple . No sign of them… But he remembered them tagging along , as he followed Sun…

Just then , a  devilish voice began to address them all ,  ‘Welcome , my little friends……. And thank you all for the great sacrifice you are about to make . From your tiny , precious souls , shall I harvest my new army … I will get back all that I lost ….My Kingdom ,my men , my powers and my ownership to the treasures of this enchanted forest !’

‘Centuries ago , my clan was wiped out by the forest guardians , whom we refer to as the Dark lords ! Honestly , the dark lords are not all that dark ‘ ,  bellowed Sun’s master , with a smirk on his face .

‘We were the true rulers of this forest….And everything here was our slave…the animals , the birds and even the humble caterpillar . And we would have continued to do so , had it not been for the Foolish owl , called  ‘Sapientus’ , who combined forces with the Dark lords and  provoked the forest creatures to rise up and  a rebel against our reign . ‘

As Rick , tried to concentrate on the story put forth by the master , he felt a poke from behind . Moses put a hand on Ricks mouth , trying to hush him .  He soon  untied Rick’s hands and quietly the two crept back into the bushes .

Danus was waiting for them , and he was not alone . Behind him stood two half human , half horse looking  Centaurs . Rick gazed at them in amazement . He felt as though he was inside his favorite fairy tale .

But this was real and the voice of the two centaurs confirmed it . ‘Hello , Rick we are the ‘Dark’ lords as you have been told . In reality , we are the guardians of this Enchanted forest , entrusted by the forest creatures and the forest God Aranyani,  to protect this forest from evil and to preserve its precious treasures . ‘

The second Centaur continued the story..’Rick , for millions of years we have preserved the flora and fauna of this Enchanted forest and lived a life of peace and harmony . Till , the Black era dawned . …

When the evil Ape ‘Zadicus’ attacked this forest , killing our people , plundering the woods and destroying the fauna , causing us to flee , in order to save our lives . Zadicus , had some evil powers handed to him by Lucifer  , himself , which helped him gain control over the forest and raise his own army of primates .’

Rick stared in disbelief as he heard them speak . And then , inquisitive , he asked  ‘But how did you oust them from the castle and end their rule ?  I remember ‘Sun’ talking about the castle killings !’

‘Ah , well..’ , replied one of two centaurs ,  ‘We raised a new army with the help of the forest God . Sapientus , the Wise owl , helped us in our endeavor , and soon we destroyed their whole clan , or so we thought . Zadicus , died but his evil soul escaped to return for vengeance.  We did not know about Sun , the monkey , until now….’

His speech was disrupted by a loud uproar from the Temple grounds. Rick could identify Jenna’s  helpless scream , while the ugly creatures jeered  in unison .

Tell me quickly , where is the boy..? . The roar of Zadicus caused Rick to freeze , as he felt scared for Jenna and his friends . He quickly made up his mind and was about to surrender (for the sake of Jenna and his family ) , when an intense humming noise came from the other side of the forest .

Sapientus is here with the army’ ,  exclaimed one of the centaurs . Before Rick could react , he felt the tremors on the ground  where he stood.

Just then an owl , much larger than the ones he had seen around ma’s house appeared in the sky ..

And then right before his eyes , a tornado of animals , of varied sizes , and colors  stampeded  past him , towards the temple , followed by birds , insects and the entire forest !

Rick had the queer sensation that  all the forest creatures bowed to him , in obeisance , before they dashed off to charge at the Evil Zadicus and his wicked army. But , he quickly dismissed this funny notion !

As the army of the forest Guardians fell upon the unsuspecting Zadicus and his   ugly gang members , including Sun  , the forest was filled with a cacophony of  roars , grunts , squeaks  and screams…

Rick watched as one by one ,the members of the evil ‘Zadicus’ clan , were destroyed by the forest creatures , led by the centaurs .

It was then he remembered Jenna , and his heart skipped a beat . As he maneuvered his way through the warring factions , feeling furry hands and legs all around ,  he saw Jenna , huddled in a corner , trying to protect his family members . Soon Danus and Moses joined in as they gradually freed all the captive members from behind the cages .

Their eyes now observed Mesa and Toro , who were standing chained , like zombies , sans expressions .

The two centaurs appeared at the scene , and understanding Rick’s predicament , touched the foreheads of the two boys and sprinkled some magic dust on them . Soon the two boys , were back in their senses.

As Rick and Jenna thanked the centaurs , they smiled generously and replied  , ‘Zadicus had used his evil powers to caste a spell on these boys so that they oblige to their commands’ .

Rick was confused , and just as he was about to pop a question , he felt a hairy , furry hand strangle his throat , as he gasped for breath . It was ‘Sun’ .

With a sudden instinctive gesture , Rick undid its clasp and using the pen in his pocket , poked hard into Sun’s eyes . As the monkey struggled to hold his ground , Rick kicked him hard on his chest , a kick so powerful that it sent ‘Sun’ flying to the other end of the forest . 

All of them including Jenna , stared in amazement , at Rick ,whose eyes were now twinkling , a silver glint in them .

The centaurs , spoke as if reading their minds , ‘Rick is no ordinary child Jenna . He is a demi god . A descendant of the Forest God Aranyani , sent to earth to preserve this forest and protect it from evil powers . He possesses extra ordinary powers which he will be able to harness to its full capacity once he is 18 years old..’

Rick heard the conversation and blurted out , ‘I guess that is why the magic dust didn’t really do its work on me !’ . ‘Yes , you are right..that is precisely so…’ ,agreed both the centaurs .

Then all of sudden , the screams of Moses and Danus reached Rick’s ears. Without wasting a moment he rushed to their aid .

He pushed his friends to the side and charged at Zadicus , with all his might . With a powerful thrust of his hand , he shoved Jack’s possessed body against the temple wall , punching him on the face . ‘Stop..’ , shouted the centaurs from behind .Rick walked away to the side.

The centaurs , then  sprinkled magic dust on James limp body , as sinister  soul of Zadicus , once again escaped  from James’s body , into the sky , and roared ..’This is not the end… I shall return my dear boy… I shall return to avenge myself !’ ...and with a puff of black smoke , disappeared into nothingness .’


The scent of freshly baked apple pie filled the house . All the kids were tapping their hands impatiently on the wooden surface of the dining table , as Ma appeared in front of them with a whole tray of goodies . Rick watched Jake , who smiled at him reassuringly . Rick heaved a sigh of relief , ‘So no more bickering . There is peace at  last’ …

Just then , once of the girls ,  Marilyn , remarked , ‘Oh ,Rick is such a hero . He saved all our lives… If we had left it to Jake , he would have probably let us all be killed‘ . The whole room burst out into peals of laughter , except one boy , whose ears were now red out of embarrassment ………

Ma , interrupted the laughter and spoke , ‘Yes…he is our tiny soldier ! Isn’t he ? ‘.

As Rick blushed at her comment ,  a shadow peered at them from behind the window  of the dining rooms ,digging at  the glass with its long nails…………

The shadows on the wall…

The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger friend Jithin of PHOTRABLOGGER . The picture above is his creative photography which has inspired this FLASH FICTION CHAIN 4. Do check out his  blog to read his adventures while travelling and some lovely photographs.

I am entrusted with the task of writing PART 1 of Flash Fiction chain 4 . So here goes… :


Character list :

1.Margaret or Maggy , a 19 year old  girl , out to search for some truths.

2.Steve – The caretaker of the mansion , a man in his fifty’s

3.Robert– The house cook



 Shadows loomed large around the old mansion . There was an eerie silence around it.  The tall coconut palms swayed violently in the evening breeze , as if  mourning over their isolation .  Layers of dust encrusted the peeling , once brightly colored walls  and fissured window panes  bordered   the   enormous framework of the house. The shut doors ambiguously creaked in sorrow of its disintegration .

Maggy stood there , eyeing the dilapidated remains of the huge house , a tiny speck of tear peering out from one corner of her eyes . A waft of a cold breeze caressed her cheeks and she felt a cold shudder trickle down her spine .. She took a deep breath and ventured forth , towards the rusty iron gates . It took her some time to open the lichen coated bolt and push open the gates .

‘I hope Steve is home …’ ,  Maggy thought to herself , as she knocked  at the door , a little hesitatingly .

 After knocking a few times  , Maggy turned to leave when  suddenly she heard footsteps behind the closed door . She turned around  , as the door opened  , only to be met by Steve,  a tall , skinny old man ,  in his fifty’s (though Maggy always felt he was much older than that ! ) .

Steve inspected her through the rims of his spectacles and  grinned all of a sudden , revealing a gold tooth , that gleamed from one corner of his mouth . Then , pushing the door aside with his gnarled fingers , he exclaimed , ‘Oh is you are early…Come on in…’.

Then , lifting the luggage that Maggy had got  along  , he walked her into the living room of the sprawling mansion .

 Maggy followed Steve’s bent figure , hobbling across the living room , and into a narrow corridor and then up a flight of rickety old stairs . The stairs creaked  loudly at every single step . But other than that  there was complete silence , the whole house seemed to be on a standstill…

Steve halted without warning  , outside a   room  at the first landing . Having given himself the time to recuperate from the exhausting climb  , he spoke with some strain in his voice ,  ‘This is the room I have prepared for you. Hope it meets your requirements’ .

After gauging Maggy’s reaction ,  he added , as an after thought , ‘I did think of allotting you, your grandpa’s room , because I know you would want that so much , but you see , no body visits that room much anymore. Ever since your grandpa’s mysterious disappearance , an year ago , his bedroom had been locked and secured to preserve all his valuable documents along with other things….Errr…I hope you understand dear…’

Maggy’s face suddenly lost all color and she became pensive . Then suddenly , she  looked up at Steve , faking a smile , and replied , ‘It is alright..I know..I..’ , the lump in her throat refused to let her complete the  sentence . But the tears that followed , conveyed her sentiments well .

Steve put a hand on her shoulder , trying to pacify  her , but he knew how hurt grandpa’s  little girl was .

It had been an year , yet Maggy had not been able to come in terms with the  sudden tragedy that had befallen  their family . Maggy was very close to her grandpa , and this was the first time since his disappearance that , she had managed to convince herself to visit his house .

But the purpose of her visit wasn’t merely to revive old memories… It was much more than that…She wanted some answers ……She was here for that..

It was ten in the night by the time Maggy finished with her sumptuous meal , prepared by Robert , the house cook .

Robert was a young man in his late twenties , who had been employed by Maggy’s grandpa , a few years ago . Once grandpa disappeared and was deemed dead , an year ago , Robert was asked to leave . But now  that Maggy was here to stay , Steve had  approached him to rejoin his post and to his surprise Robert had happily agreed….

At around five past eleven , Maggy finally retired to bed . As she lay there , staring at the ceiling , her mind a kaleidoscope of images and memories from the past , Maggy felt miserable … How much she loved grandpa and what a wonderful person he had been….where was he now…is he actually dead?…

With these thoughts , Maggy soon slipped into a deep slumber . But it was not for long….In the dead of the night a loud bloodcurdling scream reverberated through the rooms of the huge mansion…Maggy bolted upright in her bed  , horrified.

Alarmed , and a little dazed  from her sleep , she crept out of her bed  and walked cautiously  towards the direction of the sound……………

Whose scream was it….?Will Maggy find out the secret behind Grandpa’s disappearance…..? What secrets await her in her grandpa’s house…?Is her own life in danger now… ?

Find out in the next few stories…..

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For more updates on this chain  , you can click on flash-fiction-chain-4 .

THE ENCHANTING LIGHT (Flash fiction part 4 )


The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger friend Jithin of PhoTrablogger. The picture above is his creative photography which inspired this series of fiction writing. Do check out his blog to read his adventures while travelling and some lovely photographs.

Character list:

Rebecca: Protagonist ( the main character)
Samantha: Rebecca’s mother

David Lyngdoh: Samantha’s husband and Rebecca’s father

Joe: Samantha’s childhood friend
Eda: Joe’s daughter and Rebecca’s friend
Kavin: An elderly widower works as supervisor in the monastery
Liam: Rebecca’s husband

Part 1 by Soul n Spirit
Part 2 by Ruth

Part 3 by saya d poet

 You need to read the first three parts ,to enjoy my story better …


Rebecca watched in awe, at the radiant face . It looked so calm , so tranquil ,so pure… yet there was a distinct aura about it ,a certain angelic quality that assured her that, what transpired an hour  or so back was not a dream . It was a vision and the owner of that beaming face held  the clue . Yes , only he , his holiness ,the Dalai lama , could free her from this misery.

As she stood there , in one corner of the hall , behind the sea of monks in red robes ,all lost in  chants, she felt a warm gaze on her . Instinctively she looked up and saw his eyes penetrate her’s .  She beheld those eyes fascinated ,  almost as if in a hypnotic trance .

And then it happened… She heard voices talking ..whispering ..chanting…

‘Rebecca’, she heard someone whisper , in her ear…She looked around  baffled… But ,the voice that called her seemed to come from a distance….

And then her eyes  fell on him ,standing in the centre of the hall , analyzing her reaction , expecting her to respond . That was when the sudden realization hit her , like a bolt of lightening..

It was the voice of the ‘Dalai Lama’ , she could hear him yet his lips didn’t stir..but his eyes were fixed on her ,till she heard him again ‘Rebecca’ . ‘Yes’ , she responded , looking up at him , not knowing what to expect anymore…

Suddenly she had a warm feeling inside her right palm ,and she opened it… The heat was emanating from the locket  and as she stared at it , it seemed to gleam , like the  luminous sun ; as if a thousand  effulgent rays were struggling to be set free , from inside it .

Then she saw it , the source of the illumination – a crack in the locket. She couldn’t believe what she saw …’Oh ,my god , it can be opened !’ , Rebecca exclaimed loudly , unable to contain her excitement ,at this new found discovery .

But she soon realized her folly , as the assembly hall fell silent abruptly , hundreds of eyes staring at her , expressing their disapproval…

‘Oh , I am so sorry !’ , she cried  , the color of her face turned a bright scarlet .As she made her way out from the hall  , feeling embarrassed , the warmth inside her palm returned .

Rebecca was about to open her palm and release the locket from her tight grip , so she may try to open it , when she felt a firm hand on her shoulder . Aghast ,she turned to see Eda , standing right behind her . Relieved , she spoke , ‘Thank god it is  you ,Eda..… I…’ , as she was about to narrate her strange rendezvous with His Holiness , The Dalai Lama , she retracted . Something in Eda’s eyes didn’t look right…

Eda looked unusually nervous  , and as usual , Rebecca suppressed her elation , and tried to find out the cause of friend’s anxiety . ‘What is Eda..? Are you alright..? Is something the matter…’ , she shot out a volley of questions at Eda .

Eda remained silent.  Rebecca had a queer feeling of impending doom..mustering courage she asked , ‘Is it uncle Joe…?Is he alright..?? . But before she could interrogate  Eda anymore , a sudden wave of excruciating pain   washed through her whole body , as she saw blood trickling down , from her head . Dazed , Rebecca shot out her hand and touched her head . Warm , blood covered her palm s and the locket , as she gasped for breath . Then with a loud ‘thud’ ,she hit the floor , sprawled on her back ,in a pool of  dark blood .

As life ebbed away , minute by minute ,Rebecca opened her eyes one last time , before losing consciousness…Uncle Joe and Eda , stared at her , a cold , wild look in their eyes .

The tip of the hammer in Uncle Joe’s hand glistened and so did the locket that Eda now  held in her hand….And then it was all darkness…………..

Will Rebecca survive to save the love of her life….?

The next part will be written by James ….



The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger Jithin of  Pho Trablogger .The picture that you see above ,is his creative photography which inspired this piece of fiction writing . Please click HERE and provide your valuable feedback on this picture.  Also you can check out his blog for more wonderful pictures and travel related posts….I am sure you will enjoy them …

I have written the PART 3 OF this flash fiction , here are the links to the first two parts for you to read before your read my part of the story 😉

Now here is the PART 3 , written by me … READ ON :

James was exhausted , after the events of the day , yet sleep eluded him . He tried to force his eyes shut , but his thoughts once again returned to Tracy ,their baby ,the job……. A drop of tear escaped from one corner of his eye . He could feel Tracy’s warm body huddled against his own .

Then , all of sudden , his pent up emotions gave away  . His  muffled sobs , soon woke Tracy up and she turned to him . ‘Jimmy …what happened..?’ , she asked , turning on the bedroom lamp.

 As they both sat upright on the bed , James hugged Tracy tight and wept like a woman . ‘I am sorry Tracy…I wanted to keep you happy…I know you are not….’ , he mumbled , in his shaky voice . ‘Jimmy look at me…’ she said , pointing towards her baby bump , ‘You think you have seen me any happier than this ?’ , ‘Jimmy you are the best thing that ever happened to me ,and so is this baby. I couldn’t ask  for any more happiness !’ , she said , assertively , a drop of tear , glistening like pearl in one corner of her eye..

James was quiet now… he held out Tracy’s hand  in his , and kissed it..

The next morning , after breakfast , Tracy walked up to James , who was staring outside the window of their humble dwelling , and placed something in his palms . It was the ring . James felt a piercing pain in his heart , as if someone had stabbed him with a knife ,and he shouted in the same vain , ‘Tracy…I told you … Are you trying to humiliate me ..?’

 Tracy was taken aback by James anger , and stared at him , her large brown eyes , welled with tears , shimmered in the sunlight . ‘I..’ she began..’James , I did not …you know how important this job is… And you can always buy it back for me..or maybe something even more beautiful..’ , she said , trying to look cheerful .

Her last sentence seemed to offer some consolation to James and the warmth in her voice melted away his anger. . He smiled and bent down to kiss her . Just then , there was a knock on the door.

By the time James dragged his feet to the door and opened it , the mail man was gone , but there was an envelope lying at his feet . Puzzled , he picked it up . Then closing the door behind him , he walked back into the living room where he had left Tracy standing .

Tracy hurried to his side and enquired about the envelope.  ‘I don’t know…’ James looked as confused as she was herself. As he slit open the envelope , his eyes grew wide in surprise , and Tracy gave out a loud shriek of excitement, at what she saw inside  . It was a check , in his name…

James couldn’t control his happiness , yet he was inquisitive at the same time…’Who was this well wisher ..?’ he wondered . Just then Tracy pointed to the floor and exclaimed , ‘Look..there is a letter !’

James looked in the direction to which her finger was pointing… There lying on the floor was a small piece of paper with some writing on it… ‘I must have dropped it , while removing the check from the envelope.’ , thought James to himself , as he picked up the note and started reading the contents..

Dear James ,

You  cannot gauge my happiness ever since I learnt that Tracy was in the family way .  I am so happy for you and Tracy and so eager to meet the new member of your family .  I remember you telling me yesterday that you have a job offer from that firm in the East . I can not began to imagine the kind of responsibilities you need to take upon yourself , in the coming future . And I know you are capable of doing so yourself. You have proved to be a loving husband to Tracy and I know you will be a doting father to the little one too… But , having been your best man ,it is my right to make you this gift  , as a token of our friendship, and also as a small reciprocation for all the times you have got me out of trouble ! Hope you will accept it in the same spirit…

Love and warm regards


James felt a little dazed at this sudden development . It was as if a burden had lifted from his heart and he felt light again. He put down the letter on the dining table . Tracy clung to him , tears of happiness flowing down her eyes….

Then abruptly , James released himself from Tracy’s embrace and hurried towards the door…’I will be back soon…I want to thank Mark and also find out how he got this money…..’ , saying this he slammed the door behind him. Tracy  stared at the shut door and smiled …

Having reached his Mark’s home , James was about to park his bike and rush inside , when he sensed something missing and stopped in his tracks. He inspected the whole vicinity of the house , but it as nowhere to be seen . Mark’s bike was gone………………..

( Who will continue the story from here ? )

A seat by the window…..


The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger Jithin of  Pho Trablogger . The picture of the train seat that you see above ,is his creative photography which inspired this piece of fiction writing . Please click HERE and provide your valuable feedback on this picture.  Also you can check out his blog for more wonderful pictures and travel related posts….I am sure you will enjoy them …

Lolita stared at the empty seat , her eyes moist with tears . The sun rays streamed  in through the chasms of the window, and occupied the emptiness….. It was as if , it were trying to fill in the void , not only in the seat , but in her barren life as well .

He was gone…. replaced by the glistening sunbeam , which now seemed more welcoming , than he had ever been.

They were never meant to be together , right from the start.  In the first few months of their whirlwind love affair , things were far too ‘perfect’ to be true… In fact , somewhere in the deepest recesses of her heart Lolita , knew this wasn’t real , that it was all just a beautiful bubble , that will burst one day ; vanish without a trace…. And now , it had …

Since the last two months , Kabir had been acting a little too weird . He seemed so distant , so unreal , that sometimes she even questioned her own choice !

When they had begun dating , Kabir always seemed so caring and concerned . It was as if he had all the time in the world for her , but things changed ever since she had moved in with him . He had been coaxing her to live-in with him , right from the start , but being from a slightly conservative background , Lolita wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do .

In the end , her love for her Kabir , triumphed , dismissing all her fears and trepidation , and in a few days , she was there , lying next to him  on his bed , as he stroked her hair and hummed a song……..

Lolita would have continued to live her ‘dream-like’ existence  , if it was not for that phone call ….

Kabir had been unusually busy the last few months . He wore a frown all the times and snapped at Lolita if she asked him what the matter was . Once , exasperated by his cold behavior and indifference towards her , she confronted him . After arguing and quarelling with each other like  cantankerous curmudgeons , the two retired to bed , where they further continued their cold war ..

Once Kabir was off to work the following morning , Lolita sat there , pondering over the whole episode and soon hatched a plan to surprise him .

That weekend , Lolita managed to convince him to follow suit . When they reached the station , he asked her what the plan was. As they unloaded their baggage from the car and walked into the station , she held his hand , and smiled at him reassuringly . Kabir did not look too pleased with the thought of travelling in a train , but then he had no choice….

As they settled down inside their train compartment , Lolita observed the nervousness on Kabir’s face . ‘Relax , dear…it is only a two hour journey to that station and from there , we are taking a flight to Goa !’

‘Goa!’ , exclaimed Kabir , looking perturbed , ‘But what is the need for this trip now.?..I have a lot of office work piled up…’

As he sat there looking restless , tapping his feet nervously , on the floor of the compartment , Lolita spoke , ‘Kabir…listen ! There is a surprise for you … I wanted to tell you this at home , but you never had any time for me , so I think I will tell you now.. The other day I received a phone call from my Doctor…’ Lolita glanced up at Kabir who now wore a curious expression . She then gathered some courage , and blurted out in a single breath  , ‘I  am …err…I am going to have a baby !’ . She did not need to complete her sentence to see his expression change …

His calm yet anxious looking face had now contorted into a scowl , and the words that followed , would remain etched in Lolita’s memory for ever and ever……………

‘What..?  Are you crazy? ‘… he shouted at first , in a voice so loud , that  all the passengers in the neighboring seats  were now gauging them , waiting for his next words , ‘Alright …’ , Kabir stated , matter of factly , ‘There is someting I have been meaning to tell you for sometime . But I guess ,there would not be a better occasion to do so…’  He drew a deep breath , before he continued in the same strain , ‘Lolita I don’t love you any more …. In fact , I am seeing someone else now… ‘ , Kabir looked up at her once , and then dropped his gaze , ‘I have been wanting to tell you this for sometime..but ….She is my colleague at office… We love each other . ‘

He got up from the seat , abrupty  . ‘You can come and collect your stuff from my place , whenever you like… Kiara  will be moving in with me soon… and yeah , about the baby , I am sure you know what to do, best !’

Lolita glared at him , her eyes like that of a deer caught in the headlights ,  red with tears  . She could feel the pain caused by the lump in her throat , but it was nothing compared to the piercing pain , she felt in   her chest… It was as if her heart was ripped out from there…. leaving behind a gaping black hole….

As the train shunted to a stop , Kabir gave her one last look and then , walked out of the coach ….and out of her life too……

Lolita stared at the empty seat , her eyes moist with tears…..

Just then she heard a male baritone  ,’Ma’m , is this seat empty…?’ She looked up at the source of the voice , a tall good looking  gentleman was standing there , with a laptop bag in one hand and a suitcase in the other , ‘May I sit here?’ , he asked again , sensing her confusion . ‘Oh …yes..please…its all yours…’ she mumbled , and looked outside the window…

The sun was still shining bright at her……….


Daily post prompt

Someone’s left you a voice mail message, but all you can make out are the last words: “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.” Who is it from, and what is this about?

I sat on the revolving chair , twisting and turning from one side to the other . My mind  flummoxed… The ongoing battle between , logic and emotion ,was taking its toll on me … I stopped abruptly and leaned back on the chair…

What I saw tonight , may perhaps have been a figment of my imagination , argued my heart . But , my brain protested …The eyes couldn’t have been deceived !!

 My mind flashed back , to  that moment in the restaurant . It was late in the evening , by the time I got out of my  office, (Thanks to my friendly boss ! ) and  I was famished  . So I decided to get into one of the nearby Cafes and grab a quick bite. Once I placed the order for my favorite Pizza , I looked at my watch . It was fifteen minutes past eight . I was about to dig into my bag , for my phone , when  their loud giggles met my ears and I stopped. I knew those voices …

From one corner of my curious eye , I saw them walk up to a seat on my right , arm in arm . As I saw their faces , my heart skipped a beat and the color drained from my face . The couple , were now holding hands as they sat there , laughing , teasing and sharing a joke. The girl , then rested her head on the guy’s shoulder , while the latter stroked her hair lovingly…

I was thrown off balance …this couldn’t be happening !

As  I sat their motion less , trying to cope with this unpleasant discovery …the waiter appeared , with the Pizza . I quickLy , looked down at the meal , trying to appear normal…But , I was far from it.. After some failed efforts to continue with my meal , I summoned the waiter to my side and asked him to pack my pizza , for takeaway . As I paid my bill and collected my parcel from the counter , I gave the  love-struck couple one last glance … And this time she saw me… Or at least I thought so , but then ,  she turned away casually , like a complete stranger !

Now , sitting on my chair , my pizza  still lying untouched  on the kitchen table , I struggled to join the pieces of the puzzle.  How can this be..?? She is my friend….How can she cheat…??

Just then , my phone started ringing…..But I wasn’t in a frame of mind to answer any phone calls . So I let it go to the answering machine…Now , I heard her voice , but it  cracked ,  and all I could make out were the last lines , “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.”

Without wasting a second more , I called her back , only to hear her side of the story. When I put the receiver back , I was a more calm and relaxed person .

Rita , my friend  and colleague was going through a bad marriage , and a few months back she had split  up with her abusive husband and applied for a divorce . Rita , was now seeing a guy from the office ( whom i knew too well ! ), but had kept their affair under wraps , as she was waiting for the divorce to be finalised… But today , when she saw me there , she knew I might misunderstand her , so she called to explain……..

Well , I guess ,  all is well , that ends well . At least she is out of the unfulfilling marriage !

And as for me , I am  still hungry I think I will finish that pizza now 😉

( P.S : This story is completely fictitious and is not based on any real incident !!! )

The head turner ! ( weekly writing challenge- The unreliable narrator )

The brilliance of the ‘bride’ almost blinded me…Okay…well at least it made me turn away my gaze from the stage ,where she sat , covered in the yellow metal ,from head to toe…,beads of perspiration forming on her forehead.

The sultry south Indian summer , coupled with the uncomfortable silk attire and the hot flash of the video camera , was beginning to annoy me as I sat there ,draped in my ‘silkish’ best . I was drenched in sweat and my heavy saree clung to my body , making it worse .

For a second , I had the strong , uncontrollable urge to pull out my ‘gold necklace’ , that now seemed to tighten around my neck like a noose , and shove it into the air…But then , it lasted only for a teeny weeny moment….The very next moment I was ready to penalize myself for my impulsive thought ! After all the necklace was a gift from my fiancé…

As my eyes explored the crowds of people that thronged the auditorium , they couldn’t escape noticing the ‘fairer creatures’ among them.. Stunning women , looking resplendent , in their bright Kanchipuram sarees , and jewellery  that dazzled as they turned around. I felt my hand , move to  touch my own necklace , almost instantly…..and with an almost sudden , and quick action of my fingers , set it right , for all to see…

It was a beautiful gold and emerald necklace…As a famous advertisement tagline went..‘Neighbour’s envy….owner’s pride !’…

Just then I saw a lady in a mustard saree , oggle me..or perhaps it was the necklace that gathered her attention ! I could see those hazel brown eyes turns green with envy..Though caught unawares first..I was starting to enjoy her resentment…And then all of a sudden she turned away , to join back a group of ladies , with whom she had been in conversation earlier…thus disappointing me immensely..

As I was about to turn around , giving up all hopes of attracting any further attention , from that section of women , the situation changed. I was presently under the scrutiny of a dozen eyes , and could hear them speak to each other in hushed tones…Although despite my best attempts , I was not able to decipher their mumbled mutterings !

The lady in mustard , was apparently the leader of the pack that was now studying  her , from close quarters. Some of you may argue that , a ‘pack’ is more appropriate to refer to a group of wolves , not civilized ladies ! But then ,these ladies did give me an impression of hungry wolves ,eyeing a prey !

My jubilation was put to an abrupt end as one of them , beckoned the rest of  the group , to her side,using gestures of the hand ..{ reminding me of a Bharata natyam ( a form of south Indian classical dance ) dancer }

The ‘greedy’ pack soon disappeared without a trace…

As I walked across the hall , I could see all eyes settle on me , some even followed. And I rejoiced it all….

I then proceeded towards the dining area , where I relished every morsel of the sumptuous spread , served to me on plantain leaf…Even as I licked my fingers , at the end of my meal , I could see eyes , mostly those of women , stare at me from all corners…some seemed like they would blurt out an exclamation any moment !

So my necklace was a hit…my heart swelled with pride and I beamed with happiness !

By the time I reached home , it was about 3 in the afternoon. As soon as I stepped inside and slumped myself on the couch , my mom appeared from inside the bedroom…

I could see an air of nervousness about her , which was kind of unusual . As she fumbled for words , I asked her what the matter was…

Without uttering a word from her mouth , that seemed have curved itself into a frown , she pointed towards my neck…or so I thought..till I saw it..

My eyes opened wide, in a mixed expression of horror and embarrassment , as they beheld  a gaping hole , on the saree , just below the place where it was pinned , on the left side of my shoulder ! Very close to the necklace……..

It happened in the morning , while I was ironing it and I was about to tell you so …But that is when I got that call informing me that your uncle was in the hospital and I left in a tearing hurry ! The matter had completely skipped my mind , till I got back an hour ago , and realized my faux pas………..………’

As my mother , went on with her explanations and apologies , my mind raced back  in time…..rewinding….

I had woken up late,as I had forgotten to switch my phone alarm on. In my hurry to reach the venue on time , I had  given only a fleeting glance at the mirror . And clambering onto my car, had driven away in haste ..………..’

I closed my eyes……….trying to push the world out……………

  • Fiction writers: Draft a short story or flash fiction piece from the point of view of a unreliable narrator. What is the source of their unreliability? In what ways and details can you reveal that this person might not be telling the truth? What kind of setting or situation can you create?

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