Weekly Photo Challenge – VIVID


This week’s theme for the photo challenge is ‘Vivid’

The dictionary definition of the word ‘vivid’ is :

1.: of a color :  very strong :  very high in chroma
2:  having the appearance of vigorous life or freshness :  lively
3:  producing a strong or clear impression on the senses :  sharp, intense;specifically :  producing distinct mental images

Hope my images create the same desired effect on your senses 🙂



Your face is my home


I can read the lines

On your precious face

Expressions, signs

And simple tell tales

Where a line disappears

And a smile is born

The language of tears

And feelings unknown

I know those creases

Under your eyes

When you are lost in thoughts

Or filled with surprise

I  know your nose crinkles

And your lips pout

When your heart tingles

Or  fills with doubt

When I see your face

I feel I am home

Inspired to win the race

Determined to brave the storm

Your face is home to me

This is where I want to be

This is what I want to see

For life unto eternity



In times of despair

When darkness clouds my mind

Filling it with hopeless fear

A flicker of light I find

 In moments of solitude

When bitterness overwhelms my heart

Enslaving my grit and fortitude

A   prayer I say makes my loneliness depart

In times of  fame and success galore

When my heart swells with pride

Yet my greedy self yearns for more

‘Stop’ says a voice somewhere deep inside

In times of love and happiness

when my haughty mind begins to ignore

my beautiful friends and loved ones

A nightmare reminds me of the solitude before

You have been in my journey

You have seen me through

You have guided me sternly

Yet I never saw you !

You were the light that I saw

You were the prayer that I said

You were the voice  shouting no

You were the nightmare  in  my bed

You led me to my today

You lead me to my tomorrow

You cleared the thorns in my way

You remove me from sorrow

Weekly Photo Challenge- Fresh (Cherry blossoms ! )

Weekly Photo Challenge- Fresh

For this week’s photo challenge, share with us a photo that expresses something fresh.

Here is my response :

The ‘freshness’ of spring…the freshness of cherry blossoms... :