Weekly Photo Challenge – On the way -Part 2


For my Part 1 of this week’s challenge – on the way , please click here – Weekly Photo Challenge- on the way. Here is my second entry. Would you dare to cross ?


Fathomless life


Life is a

fathomless bridge  

suspended on the

hinges of hope

gliding merrily

with the winds of time

To live’ is  just as tricky 

as  walking a tightrope.


LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE IN ITSELF -Weekly photo challenge


Life I believe , is the greatest adventure…

like a blind man in the dark …

upon this journey I embark ;

Into the future unknown I venture…..


I know there will be twists and turns ..

Life isn’t a smooth straight road ;

In this journey I have endured….

ups and downs ; winds and twirls .


But that is what makes life exciting !

like the fisherman who leaves for the sea ;

and doesn’t know if he will be home for tea …

life provides me with thrills ,everlasting !