Weekly Photo Challenge – Wall


I am  the  Wall , built by you

not of bricks,  stones or hay

I am  the  Wall, built by you

made of hatred,  prejudice and perceptions lay

I am the Wall,  built by you

not to protect , nor shelter from sun or rain

I am the Wall , built by you

to divide  lands and spread pain.

I am the  Wall , built by you

not to strengthen or support your home

I am the  Wall built by you

to weaken humanity, inviting a storm.

I am the Wall of narrow fragmentations

of caste and class , color and religion

I ruin lives ,  shatter nations

bring misery and despair beyond recognition

Destroy me today , bring me to the ground

Spread love , spread cheer

Let there be  no boundaries  around

Free this world from hatred and fear

Weekly photo challenge – Wall