Best wishes to all my lovely blogger friends and followers……


On this Christmas day

may Santa fill your

dear ,precious lives

with new joys , and new reasons

to smile throughout the year…

May your new year see you achieving greater heights

and may you all continue to carry forward

this league of the ‘might pen warriors’ of this blogosphere

and emerge more inspired , more motivated

with every new post !



Family vacations……..slow down !!

Daily Post Prompt

If you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that normally drags on, which would you choose, and why?

They say ,  ‘All good times must come to an end’….But , there are moments when I wish they would never end…. And even if they have to , it is at a much more, gradual pace , rather than its usual , ‘Blink and you miss it’ one !!!

Family holidays are times , that are the most cherished and remembered , yet they are also the times ,that seem to zoom past with an exceptional speed. In fact , by the time you realize you are on a holiday , it is already beginning to end !

And so , if I would actually be given the power to slow down an event , it would be these fun filled travel holidays I have with my husband and daughter …

Family vacations, especially those involving travel , to new places , are a means of de-stressing  and removing ourselves from the hustle bustle of an active , busy life…


These times spent well , with out close ones , help us to sit back and ponder over the blessings God has given us , thus helping us rejuvenate and relax.  It , helps us to bond more as a family , while letting us see new , unexplored places at the same time…

Hence , by slowing down this event ,

I will be able to enjoy every

little element of our  holiday and cherish those moments , as

‘Precious Memories’ for ever  🙂

Family Times :)

Family Times 🙂